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Posted 10/30/11 , edited 11/2/11
Hmmm.......i guess ur wondering wat kind of contest this is........

Well, FYI, your answer awaits when you read da following:

What da hek ish an EPIC contest??
According to AD's coocoo creator, this epic contest is supposed to be an ACTIVE contest for members.

How do you win??
Basically, there are 5 clans/groups: Ninja Clan, Assassin Clan, Samurai Clan, Pirate Clan, and Warrior Clan. (yeah i know they're almost the same things but bear with the creator's mind pleez -_-) You are allowed to choose your own clan. The clan must be super active. They will win certain things for being active.

What and how do we win stuff??
You win letters to an EPIC secret message. As I said, you win by being active. Here ish da chart:

-16 pics
-15 forum posts
-15 wall posts
-15 people invited (w/ screenshot)
- 5 pics related to EPIC

You are supposed to keep track of this on your clan's thread (opening soon) by posting on it. provide links or tell where you posted it. A message will be sent to your clan's CR inbox (every member) once you post on ur clan's thread. Of cors, for the pics, there will be ur own clan's album. The clan with the most pics, posts, invites, by the deadline wins.

And the deadline is??
The deadline is 11/20/2011.

What do we get for being active?
Ah, yes, da prizes:

Each member that is in the 1st place clan will receive:
-typo with choice of text
-a banner with the clan's name and user's name
-a scanbar icon with the clan's name and user's name
-become an athlete mod for 1 month
-the clan with be the theme for 1 month (i.e. if ninja clan wins, the theme will be ninjas)

Each member that is in the 2nd place clan will receive:
-an icon with the clan's name and user's name
-typo with user's name
-become athlete mod for 2 weeks

Everyone who joins will get a free icon with their clan's name


Clan You Want:

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