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Castle of Noir
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22 / F / Somewhere, Earth
Posted 11/25/11 , edited 11/25/11
The letter read like a drunken monkey. Extravagent words were used, turning sentences to slurred gibberish. Let alone that the scribbled words often had extra squiggles coming of the ends, as if though the writer had trouble drawing new letters. The last lines were :

'What a lovely waste of time

Lion. [e?]

Visit sometime.'
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F / Elysium
Posted 11/26/11 , edited 11/27/11
Cedric realized it was the Lord of Alanus who sent this letter. He stroked his chin, thinking for a few moments. I guess a visit wouldn't hurt, but what does he want? Cedric wondered. He began to write down a reply, saying that he will visit in the near future. Cedric sealed the letter and sent a servant to make sure it got to the Lord of Alanus.
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