[2012~KDrama] God of War / Soldier
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* TV Show: Soldier
* Also known as: God of War / Military Official / Mushin
* Revised romanization: Mushin
* Hangul: 무신
* Director: Kim Jin-min-I (Road No. 1 - 2010, Bitter Sweet Life - 2008, Time Between Dog and Wolf - 2007)
* Writer: Lee Hwan-kyung (이환경)
* Network: MBC
* Episodes: 50
* Release Date: 2012/02/__~Upcoming
* Runtime: Sat, Sun 21:50
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea

This drama is a about a man who was born to the slave class during the Goryeo Dynasty, overruling the feudalist government that had been in power for over 60 years and becomes the most powerful man in the country.

1. Main character Kim In-Joon is based on a real historical figure.
2. "Military Official" takes over the MBC Sat. & Sun. 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "A Thousand Kisses".

# Kim Ju-Hyeok - Kim In-Joon / Kim Joon
# Kim Gyu-Ri - Lee Song-Yi
# Jeong Bo-Seok - Choi Woo
# Park Sang-Min - Choi Yang-Baek
# Joo Hyun - Choi Choong-Hun
# Hong Ah Reum as Wol Ah

Additional Cast Members:

Kang Shin-Il as Monk Soo-Bub
Park Sang-Wook as Lee Gong-Joo
Jeong Seong-Mo as Choi Hyang
Baek Do Bin as Choe Hang
Kim Seo-Ra as Choi Woo's wife
Jeong Ho-Bin as Song Gil-Yoo
Kim Young-Pil as Park Song-Bi
No Yeong-Kuk as Dae Jib-Sung
Cheon Ho-Jin as Lee Gyu-Bo
Ahn Byeong-Kyeong as Kim Deok-Myung
Kim Cheol-Ki as Kim Gyung-Son
Park Hae-Soo as Kim Yoon-Hoo
Oh Yeong-Su as Monk Soo-Gi


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Kim Joo Hyuk new image from upcoming MBC drama ‘Soldier’.

Kim Joo Hyuk new image emerged from upcoming MBC weekend drama. The still showed leading man Kim Joo Hyuk was in a fight.

The picture was taken during filming session at a temple in Chungju when the weather was below zero degree Celcius. But despite the freezing weather, 39-year-old Kim Joo Hyuk still showed perfect fighting skill with his shaved hair and in monk outfit.

In the early stages of the drama, Kim Joo Hyuk appears as a monk, he’ll show a high level martial art and horse riding as he promised that he’ll parade lots of action scenes unlike his previous works such as Terroir and Lovers in Prague.

50 episodes Soldier which will start next February, tells story of once slave man, turns the old empire and becomes the country leader.

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I love this drama...must watch for anyone who loves historical
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Ahn Jae Mo Returns To Small Screens Through ‘God Of War’

Actor Ahn Jae Mo joins the cast of MBC's weekend drama 'God of War.'Ahn Jae Mo will play chivalrous Im Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk's stepson. Im Yeon is a character full of loyalty and significant figure in the battle against Mongolia which brought Kim Joon to power during the Goryeo dynasty.

'God of War' will mark nine years since Ahn Jae Mo's return to an MBC drama after 2003's 'Scent of a Man.' Ahn Jae Mo announced, "I decided to appear in the drama due to the trust I have for Lee Hwan Kyung writer, who I've collaborated with in 'Tears of the Dragon,' 'Rustic Period,' and 'Yeon Gae So Mun.'"

Ahn Jae Mo revealed, "After being casted as Im Yeon, I researched the character because I was unfamiliar with him. I'm planning to focus on the emotions of Im Yeon, who will experience a series of reversals. Beginning with the blind loyalty he has for Kim Joon, Im Yeon will move alongside Kim Joon to possess the Goryeo power and rule the country. I think Im Yeon will contribute another exciting factor to the drama's second half."

Continuing, "I know that 'God of War' is typically popular among men. I've been casted for many roles which grab the hearts of men, and I'll continue to work hard this time as well."

Ahn Jae Mo will make his first appearance in the 42nd episode of 'God of War' airing on the 8th.

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