Secret Underground Tunnels
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Posted 11/1/11 , edited 11/1/11
The Underground Tunnels seem to lead to almost every important place in all the lands except Zephira it's a large island of course so it couldn't possibly be connected to the other lands/cities . The underground tunnels were dug up by the people of Erina and Onax a long time ago. Only so many people know about the secret underground tunnels. Some good some bad.
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Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/11/11
Ichabod wandered around the entrance of the tunnels.. " Echo~"
The echo replied back with it's name " echo, echo, echo"

Ichabod had managed to sneak out form under his bosses supervision to check out the tunnels." I wonder.. is it a day's walk...? Probably more.." he mumbled, the echo replied back with mumbles of it's own.
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