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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/18/08
If you've not yet seen Father's Love Letter, I urge you to. It's really what a lot of people are looking for, not realising it's been given, and He's still giving, his love for us.

I created this, to be a reply to our dad's love letter. If our Father, God, Daddy, Lord (whichever you prefer) can write such a beautiful letter to us, it's only cordial we write to Him too.) This is not really like the 'Thank You Lord thread, where everything is happy and pleasant. Rather, I encourage you to just talk to the Lord about your thoughts.

If you're feeling uncomfortable sharing over the net, don't let this exercise be of a problem for you. You can write solid letters to God, and compile them into a book if you wish. This is something that I feel the Lord has urged me to do. Perhaps I will write a letter to Him in hard copy. :)

Anyway, if you're feeling kind enough, and are ready to encourage us, and me too, I love seeing responses, then feel free to post. I don't particularly care what I write to God to be seen on the net, because these things, are truly what I tell him in person as well. This is meant to encourage those who need some prompting to seek the Lord. God isn't distant, but we may feel the bridge. If there is a gap you feel, then send Him a letter.


Dear Dad,

I'm always a needy person, and you know me well. If other Christians complain that they don't spend time with the Lord, I'm the opposite, because I'm constantly weak, and you are my strength. It's not because I'm trying to be religious. It's completely the opposite.

Without consciousness of Jesus and your support, I often feel vulnerable. Jesus, I receive new revelations everyday about how much God loves you, and how much you sacrificed. That image in my head saps me dry, and I don't know why. I feel tired, and it's always easy to say it passively, that 'thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me', but the gap is getting wider, when I write it on the net, as compared to the image I have in my mind, it's getting really hard to get people to understand what kind of messages you've shown me. Perhaps I can't express myself well in text. i'm not much of a writer, but nevertheless I thank you.

I just feel a tinge of pity that I am unable to bring across to members and other non-believers what is really going on in my life, why I insist so much that You are there. It's real to me, the fruits of your spirit, but God, why is it so hard to express this to others that they may understand and be comforted? It pains me, to not be able to share properly. It's not my gift, and I try, but I shan't try any further. I try to tell people that you are for real, and that's really all I can do. It's not bearing fruits, the way it goes.

It sounds suspicious and bogus to their ears, and it really pains me, because... they reject Christ, and each day I only get a better idea of how much Jesus actually suffered for all of us, how much it really hurts you, Lord for your sacrifice. The more I know your pain, the more I suffer, not being able to guide others properly. Sigh. i'm nothing, Lord. Yet you gave up everything for me. Do you know how wretched I feel? Thank you, I will NEVER know how much I'm forgiven, until I know how much Jesus is loved. Thank you Jesus. I feel like I can't handle the love you're giving me. It's overwhelming.

My wish is for more people to realise how much they're loved, God. I would really be happy to know that more people are discovering living lives with you Lord, not just being Christians in title. There is SO much you provide, yet we don't make use of your abundant blessings. I feel so wretched. Sorry Dad, I was unable to show more people how much you love them, as much as you love me. :(
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Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
Okay, here goes... i'm a bit embarrassed tho... but hope this helps a brother/sister.

Dear Father,

I've been missing church lately and I've felt that I have been moving farther and farther from You. I'm sorry. You know me, Lord, as no one else does. You know the evil of my heart: my pride, my selfishness, my anger, my lusts, my addictions... How often have I wrestled back from You, O God, the seat of control in my life? Did I not promise you on that day so many years ago to surrender my all to You? And yet day after day, it is a constant battle to keep on relinquishing myself to You. I commit the same sin over and over that I often thought, "God must be tired of me" every time I confess. I quickly banish that thought because.... if it were true... I would shake with fear. I fear being cut off from You for eternity. I rest with Your promise that nothing in this world, in heaven or in hell, can separate me from Your love. There is a darkness in me that I keep on nurturing even though I know it is wrong. God, only You can banish it from me. Every moment of every day, the temptation grows ever stronger... and the moment I succumb to it, I become useless in Your kingdom. And I allow the enemy to reign in me. I am so sorry.

I look at the world around me. I see how everyday, the world hates You just a little bit more. And I confess, I become afraid. You remind me that You are with me, so who can be against me? Rather, so what if they are against me? Well, by Your prophecies.... they WILL be against me. I often think what kind of world will my little sisters grow up into? A world where truth is relative, a world without conscience, a world ruled by the prince of darkness... The world hates us that are not of this world. And I am sorry that there are times, even I can see that I seem like I'm at home in this world. I confess I have become worldly. And it is time for me to come back to You.

Father, You know the battle I fight everyday. Thank You for the strength You give me in my moments of weakness. Lord, I pray for all Your children suffering for their faith across the world, may You comfort them, strengthen them, preserve them, bless them. I pray for all the men and women that are longing for You in their hearts. May they know You, God, that they may share a personal relationship with You as well. And Lord, I pray for the children being exploited around the world. Children sold as sexual commodities, being used, abused, and thrown away by the very adults who should take care of them. Childre, the very innocents of this world. May You rescue them Lord from their sufferings: the tortures of their bodies, their minds, their souls.

The fullness of the church is almost at hand, and the coming of my Lord Jesus approaches, oh how I long for the day that I meet Him in the sky as He calls us unto Him in the twinkling of an eye!

Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Your will be done.

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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
Dear Dad *or Father*

Thanks for loving me so much, Your love makes me feel like I have all the happiness in the world!! You make me happy and your love letter is a precious gift for me. I know it is all true. You know me all of me not just the outside part. You've known me before the universe was created. You loved me when I abandoned and hated you. Amazing grace keeps me on everyday. You bless me when I least expect it. You've blessed me imensely and I say thanks. It may not be much but that's all I can say for it. I know nothing can compare to what you did for me. I can't write anymore but you know what I feel Lord.

Thank you for everything, I love you Lord,

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