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Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/15/12
Poem by me (Srijan), I have this ONE ALSO uploaded on my page from like 2009 or something lol

POEM: Looking up to you...

title: "The younger one cried"

I saw him as a conquerer, a guardian and even a friend
Noble and proud he stood with his head held high.
Though he never looked the other way, I still wondered... if he ever saw me.
Watching him spread his wings under the every day light
I was thrown into the shadows... to love him no less.

He could reject fear, uphold happiness and undermine his misery,
Even in the darkest of times, I never saw a tear in his eye.
I never once heard him speak of the time he broke his wings
And gave up his dreams of flying higher than any man I had ever looked up to.
It was the first time I wished I could fly... only to have him rest under my wing.

The days became years, and in taunt, passed him by
his wings did not heal, despite seeing him now as my equal I never dismissed his grace.
In time, the man became a boy, tempted by darker indulgements
Some days when he came home, his eyes lost their focus and were a bloody red
the infatuation I had for him out of mutual respect seemed like it would never weaken,
But that day he had lost something greater than a war, he had lost his ways.

My own weakness now began to show, I had never been able to fly
and though I had never been blessed with my own hopes.
The dreams I rested within him were also broken, like the rest of me.
My condition worsened and in time I found myself in a familiar place,
where all I could see was a white ceiling and smell the fragrance of death.

The lady who usually walked through the door had one day been replaced by my mother side by side with... him.
they entered with new eyes, with sad eyes... sorry eyes.
My mother held on to one side of me, my hand on her face with dry washed out eyes
My brother stared down at me like always, but something was different, for the first time I saw him crying.
The red I had grown accustomed to was not the same red today
they were red from tears.

Though I had cried out to him many times before and gone unheard
his cry was different, I heard its silence clearly, and it was so much more.
As if all his life he had saved this emotion, for the time I needed it most.
It was strange that through his distorted vision, through his glimmering tears,
he saw me clearly for everything I was... someone meaningful to him.
And at that moment I grew my wings and felt what it was truly like, to fly.

I knew it was time, time for me to go,
so now I leave another dream within my dear elder brother
That one day he grows his wings again, and finds his way... back to me.

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Posted 9/20/12 , edited 9/21/12
The Beautiful and Sublime Glory of Thee, a hymn in praise of God.

I saw the night in crimson blood
and black, of crows who gathered round.
At every piece of flesh they peck,
They tear my hair to thick their nest,
They rip my tongue to feed their young,
their red tipped beaks plunge deep between
my naked ribs; some watch afar
the rotting meat and jutting bones,
that heaves where once I had my breast,
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Posted 9/24/12 , edited 9/25/12
OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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