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"The Dragon Balls were intended to be a thing of extraordinary magic and power, something to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them."

Dragon Balls are the namesake artifact of the Dragon Ball series. They are orange, crystalline spheres with the ability to call forth the Eternal Dragon Shenron which has the ability to grant wishes to anyone who gathers all seven of them.

Looking For and Obtaining The Dragonballs

Finding the Dragonball will not be an easy task. You have to be watch Wall posts and the Update Thread to Know where and how to obtain a Dragonball. I and only I will be in charge on the Dragonballs. When one person has collected all 7 he or she may have ONE wish. It can be anything you would like. Be it more power, more techniques whatever ever u wish.

After using the Dragonballs, they will scatter away the planet once again. You will have to wait a Month real time to start looking for them again. You may fight for a dragonball only on Battle Island. If u lose the fight then u lose ur Dragonball.

Ways of Getting the Dragonballs

There are many different wayts to get a Dragonball here are a few:
*Fight for One
Duke it out on Battle Island for ur Prize. If You have a dragonball and u get challenged for it U MUST ACCEPT the duel.
*Finding One
If ur Lucky enough and following my post U can simply just find one laying in the grass or sumthing to that nature
*Stealing One
If U have a Dragonball it can be stolen IF it is not with you. If its at ur house or sumthing like that and sumone has a dragon radar they CAN take ur Dragonball IF ur not around to protect it.
*Earning One
If I feel like ur doing pretty good I may just give u a dragonball.

The Dragon Radar

There are ONLY 3 of the great Dragon Radar the are made. Which mean if you have a Dragon Radar u can have the edge on other who seek the Dragonballs. The Dragon Radars will be given to those who have proven them selves OR Wins a World Martial Arts Tournament.
-Maya's Scouter
is an weaker version of the Dragon Radar. One must be very close to a Dragonball in order for it to pick one up.
Who Has A Dragon Ball

1-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By:
Current Location:

2-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By: Nasu - deyone5
Current Location: Nasu's Lookout

3-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By:
Current Location:

4-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By:
Current Location:

5-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By: Yaen - crono1036
Current Location: with Yaen

6-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By: Nasu - deyone5
Current Location: Nasu's Lookout

7-Star DragonBall
Obtain/Owned By: Maya - shinsonic23
Current Location: With Maya

Happy Hunting ^___^
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