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The Lookout

In the Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball anime, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT, Kami's Lookout is an ancient platform that is in geostationary orbit in the skies of Earth, and directly above Korin Tower; for some time, Korin Tower and the Lookout were connected by the Power Pole. Events occurring on the Earth can be observed from here and can sense battles in the universe. After Kami merged with Piccolo, Dende took over, technically making it Dende's Lookout. However, it is still referred to as Kami's Lookout or simply, The Lookout. This is where earth's guardian lives

Battle Island

is where epic fights and dragonball fights happen. It was designed to hold both hundreds of strong fighters and thousands of spectators.

Papaya Island

is the location of the World Martial Arts Tournament. This island is named after the tropical fruit, the papaya.

Gizard Wasteland

is the rocky wasteland that Goku led Vegeta to for their battle in the Vegeta Saga.

The Break Wasteland

is the place where Piccolo leaves Gohan to survive alone for six months before they can both start training together to be prepared for the arrival of the mighty Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa.

Paprika Wasteland

is a place located west of Break Wasteland. It is where the majority of the Saiyan conflict takes place. Its an flat field of dirt and grassy plains

The Glacier Mountains

A Ice wasteland of snow and ice mountains. training can be done here.
Diablo Desert

is a giant desolate desert on Mount Paozu that was the home of Yamcha and Puar. They would both rob anybody who comes around of money or Capsules.

Orange Star City
is one of the large metropolis capitals of Earth and where Orange Star High School is.

Central City

is the main capital city of Earth and is where the king of the world, King Furry, resides.

North City (Metro North)

is one of the large metropolis capitals of Earth and is surrounded by mountains and a forest beyond that, not much is known about North City except that Dr. Gero's Lab is in the mountains South of it.

East City (also known as Metro East)

is one of the main capitals of Earth. According to Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, the Orin Temple is located here and west of the city, next to Orin Temple, there is a Bamboo Forest.

West City

is a large "megalopolis" in the Dragon World. It is a main city on Earth and is featured in all three Dragon Ball series, as well as in several of the Dragon Ball Z movies. West City is also the main setting of Goku's Traffic Safety and Goku's Fire Brigade.

South City

referred to in the manga as the "South Capitol" is one of the five major capitals on Earth. It was mentioned in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest when Dr. Kochin tells Bulma that he and Dr. Wheelo turned a vast forest area near South City into a wasteland in a flash using some of Dr. Wheelo's "brillant scientific techniques". It was later mentioned by Future Trunks to Goku that the battle with the androids would take place on an island south west of it, Amenbo Island. In the Dragon Ball Z episode "Our Hero Awakes", a news report mentions Cell attacking the city.
Please remember that you cant be in like 6 different places at once or just "magically" appear at a certain location .

When traveling from one place to another regardless if its flying or vehicles, you can't just say in one post that you got there especially if you're half way across the world. Using the coordinates on the map, count how many spaces in between from your starting point to your destination. You must make a post per space in between. For example: If I am at Kami's lookout and I wish to travel to Satan city, there is three spaces to get from one point to another. On the third post you should say you have arrived to make up for the time it takes to travel from point A to point B. You MAY NOT double post. Do not post consecutively under any kind of circumstance unless directed by a mod.
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