Minecraft for Education.
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Teachers have long used a wide variety of tools to teach students, even games. Now, Minecraft joins the ranks of titles which are both fun and educational, and you can see it in action right now!
MinecraftEdu is a collaborative team of educators and programmers who seek to bring Minecraft to the classroom in affordable ways, so it can be accessible to as many schools as possible.
They offer onsite workshops and in-service training to help educators use this incredible game to its fullest potential in a learning environment. In the near future, they will also be offering custom game versions, easy-to-use servers for classroom-driven SMP, a library of worlds, levels and activities to assist in activities, and more!

While still in the private beta stage, this remarkable project sets itself up to take the learning world by storm, merging learning and gaming in amazing new ways. Keep an eye out for MinecraftEdu, coming out soon!



MinecraftEdu's Joel Levin - better known as MinecraftTeacher - who gives us an in-depth look into exactly what MinecraftEdu is, some of the challenges they face and more!

Joel went on to say that MinecraftEdu is geared towards teachers who want to use Minecraft as a teaching aid in the classroom, with design features meant to facilitate ease of use and accessibility for everyone, regardless of technical background. With user-friendly interfaces and clearly explained features, MinecraftEdu sets itself up to be usable by a teacher the minute they pick it up!

Joel would like to thank Mojang and his partners at MinecraftEdu for the opportunity to help him bring this project to life, so that everyone may enjoy its benefits.





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how exactly is it educational
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I showed it to a teacher and we used it once to make land forms. It's not really educational at all.
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No idea, I simply copy and paste the whole thing.
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How is playing with blocks, and slapping things with a pickaxe educational?
Are you trying to be a coal miner?
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I beilvie its educational in the regards how it helps with, albeit simple problem solving/team work, and possibly with symmetry?
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I'm surprised people aren't utilizing Second Life or some other more versitile sim rather than MineCraft for such things.
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Minecraft appearing in discussions of educational technology. I had heard of the game before and after a very superficial glance dismissed. This growing rumor that began to listen, however, I did ask around. Of course, I had answers to my questions? Students! Even he said, "Here is my account information is proved." And I did.
At 20 minutes, I paid $ 20 to buy my own. There is something very attractive in this game. Do not allow 8-bit graphics fun aspect fool you. There is more here than it seems. ... Much more. Why? Because this is a true sandbox game. A sandbox game is a virtual world that allows freedom of movement almost without artificial barriers. Besides, this is a game of construction / creation. Yes, the drilling of timber trees may seem silly at first, but then you realize that you can build things with the materials being collected. Some pieces of planks of wood yield, four of these performance tables craft table. And from there, a world of possibilities opens construction. Within an hour, he had built a makeshift castle had begun to dig underground to find iron ore, coal and other resources to build a variety of tools.
So what, the teacher of the game in the next step? Of course I wear glasses my teacher and begins to wonder: "How I can use this with students?" Immediately the ideas start coming to mind. Here are some of my early inspirations:
Giving students access information and they all walk into a school server hosting multiplayer (Yes, you can host your private server). They say they have reached a desert (?) Island (which lost, perhaps?). They must work together to build a society. Resources that will meet? Who is going to build? Who's the plan? How do they eat? How do you defend the skeletons / vines at night (although these villains could be off as a feature). The key here is to plan and write all this on the basis of their world of experience.
Ask students to daily life in their island like a real person in a real place. Imagine ... "Day 1 - I'm not sure how I got here. I've seen someone else. All was well until the evening. I began to hear a sound of wailing in the woods and that was when I saw the zombies. Now I'm locked in a cave in the hope it disappears. "
Students to think of a machine in the real world and try to recreate their world Minecraft. People have basic computers from Minecraft materials. Yes, it can be so complex. You can create circuits with basic logic functions of a material called red stone. The players have built the railway work, musical instruments, and more.
Of course, the possibility of multiplayer for the game opens up many opportunities for collaboration. Imagine the different classes work together to build something different grades, and even school students in two different parts of the world!
Other people are talking about the potential of this game is. Check out Bryan Alexander messages on the subject. John McLear has a good post on the subject as well. Also, check out this interesting discussion on the same topic in the forums Minecraft.
Some of the principals in my district have asked me ideas for a project similar to Project WoWinSchool previous grade, either as an elective or a club. Minecraft I think would be appropriate for 4 th to 8 th grade (high school students no doubt many will enjoy it too, however).
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I still had no clue what this Minecraft until I saw the link you listed.

I don't consider that to help with education, but this is how I feel.
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Op nuked.

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