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Welcome to BATTLE ISLAND No. 2- The Abandon City Island Stage

Battle Island is an artificial and movable island designed by wealthy millionaire X.S. Cash. It was designed to hold both hundreds of strong fighters and thousands of spectators. Battle island the ultimate place to test you fighting skills. There a 3 different battle island. This Island No.2. This is the Abandon City Island Stage. On this stage you can fight in the city streets, knock people into buildings and throw cars. Strong Fighters from all over can fight to just for fun or have a Dragonball Battle. A Dragonball Battle is simple if sumone has a dragonball and u want it u can challenge them to a Dragonball Battle. That person MUST accept the fight request. If the person with the Dragonball loses the fight then he or she have lost their Dragonball. Remember MAX power levels count ALOT on Battle island meaning the higher ur Level the better chance you have of winning. BUT do believe because ur stronger the weak cant win. Note that Saiyans are the most powerful of the group BUT in this group, in this world a Human can out match a saiyan. It all depends on how ya RP. Here are a few Rules of The Battle Island

-When you request a fight make sure you contact the user of the character you wish to fight.
-NO TRANSFORMING on Battle Island. This makes it interesting
-When you lose and you have a Dragonball or Dragon Radar or A Special Item. You MUST GIVE IT UP to who ever You lost to.
-Make Sure you battle all Attack descriptions in spoiler and make sure you have a description for each of ur attacks.
-A MOD and The CREATOR will spectate and be a Ref for ALL Battles so make sure you ask a Mod or the Creator to keep an eye on Ur Fight. IF ur Fighting a MOD or The Creator they can not judge that fight and ask someone else.
-Keep the Dragonball Z Legends Rp Rules in mind and If you need to, consult the rules
-If you are worried or in question, post a question on the RULES & GUIDELINES thread
-When the fight's done, a MOD will determine who is the winner. If you have a problem with what went down, then ask another MOD. If two MODs say you lost, then give it up, YOU LOST!
-If a fight is inactive for more then 7 DAYS, then the fight is considered over. And a MOD will depict the winner.
-ONLY ONE fight at a time, U may have team matches if you wish they can be 1 on 2 OR 2 on 2

How Ya Lose
-For allowing the fight to be inactive for a 7 days
-If You GOD MOD Twice, You'll get a warning for the first time but if you do it again UR OUT
-If Give up or Get KOed
-If A MOD feels that you are unable to continue

Entry Form

Your Character's Name:
MAX Power Level:
Is this a solo/team match?
Character's name of your opponent(s)?
Who is the Ref(Mod) of this Fight?
Any Items on the Line?(Dragonball, Dragon Radar, or Special Item)

NOW!!! READY???? FIGHT!!!!!!
REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE SO POST ACCORDINGLY: This is the Abandon City Island Stage. On this stage you can fight in the city streets, knock people into buildings and throw cars.
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