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About Shop

Hey guys,
It's Puppy. I really wanna request i dont mind
answering question. But not too much thou.
Oh there will be a little rules about my shop.
But hey i wont bite. But Puppy hates being lonely
with no one requesting anything. My Stocking Aviis for you all will come up like now.

Message by ~ PuppyChan18


1. Please Quote this!
2. Do not steal or say it is yours. ofc its not.
3. Try not to request alot coz it makes me stress.
4. If you are reading this rules please make sure to put the bold code next to or below your form.
5. The Bold Code is " I like Lolipops! Do you? "
6. Theres no payment for this month. But for Decemeber there will be payments for pics and invites buds. There will be payments for "Shop Form"
7. Be nice to the owner of this group and the Adored Ones Shop please.
8. Sorry I might be a little picky about white background or no background
9. Oh i only ACCEPTS - Avatar, Banner, and Profile.
10. If you want to MAKE your code only for the requesting.
11. If you dont want to MAKE your code; go look at Rule #5
Fill out the Form

Request Form
  • Username:
  • Text on the pic:
  • Have you read the rules?:
  • Type of Graphic? [avatar, banner etc.]:
  • Write your own code?: [ex. 34Adored23Ones900]
  • HQ Pic [on spoiler w/ no background or w/ background]:

    Shop Form
  • Graphic No. # [1,2,3,etc.]:
  • Text on the pic:
  • What is the code for the shop?:
  • have you payed?: [proof required : links only]

  • Graphic Stocking w/ Payments

    Please click on the link. To let you see the P A Y M E N T S

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