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►The Invasion Saga◄ ACT 2- The Unlikely Team-Ups
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Posted 11/14/11 , edited 11/15/11

soujiro picks up the phone and looks at it abit "okay..i think i can do that, shouldn't be to hard." he finishes up his leftover food before pushing the plate and looks to william abit and gives a small nod "alright..i'll follow in abit..for some reason i'm really thirty, so i'll quench it and head over there to see whats teh hubub about"
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William Umi AKA Android 1170

Until then...

William smirked, got off from his seat, and walk out of the restaurant to head to North City.
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soujirio gave a small nod "till then" he orders a few pitches of ice water seeing william walk out "hm..i wonder whats going on..i feel some stong ki but i'll know when i get there"
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Before long, William makes it into the area where Yaen and Cid were fighting. He was far from the view and scan both of their current stats level.
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soujiro finihses his drink before paying his part, and heads out the door and looks around "okay..he said north north should be.." he looks abit before stopping at a point "that way" he walks out and about before leaping up to the roof of a building and leaps up once more and flies towards north city "well lets see whats going on"
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OCC: Soo Soo SOO Sorry about the wait guys. Work and real life has been kicking my ass lol I may only to be able to respond on the weekends like Fridays-Sundays. I may get a wild hair and post on a Wed or Thurs. So If any of my Bad Ass Mod what like to Continue my Job to keep the Story going Ur more then welcomed to do it. Just Check the Mods Thread and in there will have the story details and how i wish it to go. IF ur a regular Member and I know ur RP style is pretty good (Like my pals Cross, deyone, and Eldritch_Sadist) If would like to take on this Job during the weekdays PM me and I'll give ya the story details on how I want the story to flow. Will thats all i have to say so Heres what u guys been waiting for.....My POST its nothing really epic lol .I'm going to just end this Act and start Act 3. lol

Cid stops floating in the Air looking at his handy work taking high pride in.
Cid: HAHAHAHA.....Those two were no match for me and now......
He claps his hands and slowly bring them apart to form a giant ring of energy with electricity sparking around it between his palms
Cid: Lets Finish this Job.....
Cid holds his his attack above his head
Before he could finish Cid is mega kicked straight into the ground and his attack fell on top of him creating a huge explosion send debir and and building chunks everywhere. After the smoke, light and dust clears in was a huge hole in the spots where Cid fell. The very spots where Yaen and Ringo laid.Could they be?

Elsewhere In North City.....

Roxxy Get flung into a few cars as the overwhelming powers and attacks of Damon, Milo, and Cross.
Cross: Take that BITCH! You cant us ALL!
Cross says with a grin on his face as he walks towards her kicking her in the ribs making her slide on the ground alittle. Damon rubs his nose and smiles a bit.
Damon: I knew a little team work would give us this victory.
Maya is launched into a build by Megumi and it the building falls on top of her. Megumi floats down to the others with her arms crossed.
Megumi: I believe we should finish this taxing battle off.
Milo pops has neck and Nods.
Milo: Hell yeh, Another one of my Destructo Disk attacks. They cant dodge it this time.
Then the group feels and hears the loud explosion on the other side of the City. They all wonder what kind of battle was going on other there and should they help? But then Maya burst thur the ground grabbing Roxxy vanishing and reappearing on top of a building. The others look at Maya
Maya: Hahahaha You think you've won hu?! I bet you all believe your little team can take on the world, But YOU CANT. Scar can crush YOU ALL.
As Maya rants like a crazy woman Cross yawns
Cross: This Fight is over crazy lady
Maya closes his fist and opens it shooting a bright light at the group blinding them all for a moment. A moment that will turn this fight a around. As they could finally open there eyes they seen Maya blowing up sum ball of energy they was in the sky then Roxxy screaming as if she was in pain.
Roxxy starts to slowly grow bigger as her eyes turn completely red and she starts to get more hairy. Damon shakes his head as his eyes widen.
Damon: No...No...NO NOT AGAIN.....
In a Panic Damon yells
The others look at him like he was crazy then then turn their heads back as they hear a loud roar and the building fall down. They see a giant ape with Roxxy's armor on. They all where in shock. And Maya is sitting on the shoulder of the great beast. Laughing like a manic
Maya:Roxxy my dear KILL THEM ALL!!!
Maya Hops off Great Ape Form Roxxy and floats behind her as she picks up a building and roars throwing it the group of Fighters.

Back on the Other Side of North City.....

A wind blows over the huge crate made by Cid's Attack. It was quiet and lifeless in the very spot. Near the crater appears a woman holding Ringo and Yaen.
????: You two are Heavy and I'm too old for this hehe
She laughs as she put the two down on the roof And stands on the edge

Hair snowy white hair blows in the wind as she sees the giant Monkey rise and she heavy sighs.
????: More Trouble....
She pulls out a small bag and takes out two small green bean-like candies. She walks over to Ringo and Yaen and puts one each in there mouths.
????: Here you go these will heal you up good.
Ringo wakes up and sits up instantly fully healed looking around in shock.
Ringo: What?
????:Come Down My Prince...Your Safe now
Ringo turns to his left and his eyes widen
Ringo: Lady Talua?! How? Why?
She smiles and pats him of the head
????: I go by Rin these days Little Ringo
Then Yaen awakes
Yaen: Ugh...I Feel like I just was hit by a train...
Rin laughs at Yaen and helps her "other" Son up.
Rin: Yaen where's My baby? Where's Zeek
She says with a sad and concern look on his face.
Then the three hear the roar of the giant great Ape. Then they feel an overwhelming power from the crater. They see a dark blood red aura coming from the crater
Cid floats up from the middle of the crater. He was bruised and batter but still looked unstoppable and he was PISSED!. Rin looks at Cid with a frown as she cross her arms.
Rin: Ringo, Yaen Go help those others with that Monster. I'll handle him.
Yaen: But Ms. Kenshrio his-
She looks at him and smiles
Rin: How many time must I say this Yaen, Your like Family to me and my Zeeky. So call me Mom. Now Mommy has this covered you two get going.
Cid: I KILLL YOOOU ALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cid appears between Rin, Yaen, and Ringo
Cid: DIE-
Before he could finish Rin backhands him in the mouth grabs his his right arm and throws him back into the crater with ease. Ringo and Yaen look shocked.
Rin: GO!
They snap back and fly off towards the big Ape.


Scar looks at Boten and Zeek
Scar: I can be better then a Father to you Boy. I ask again Join me.
Zeek: He said No Creep!
Boten nods as he gets in a fighting stance pulling out his power pole.
Boten: We're going kick your butt!
Scar uncrosses his arms and narrows his eyes
Scar: So be it child...If you two wish for death then I shall grant that WISH!
Scar powers up breaking his scouter in his hand and Zeek & Boten can feel his overwhelming Power. Zeek glups and looks at Boten and nods
Boten: RAWR!!!!
Then the two dash towards Scar

In Space.....

A Small Saiyan Pod flys thur space. Inside the pod sat a long haired man with his eyes closed and his arms crossed. A sceen was flashing that read.
Destination: Earth
Arrive Time: 70 hours

Narrator Voice: It looks like the Battle with Scar is underway. Can Boten and Zeek be a match for Scar? Other will they fall at his hands. And who is this man in this Pod flying to earth? Will Zeek's Mother by able to defeat the Unstoppable Cid? And can our Warriors take on a Giant Ape?!! These Questions and more will be answered in the next exciting chapter of Dragonball Z Legends. Act 3 The Unstoppable Force

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