[2012~KDrama] Stroke of Luck
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Title: 지운수대통 / Ji Woon Soo Daetong
Also known as: Stroke of Good Luck
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TV Chosun
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-21 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 18:50


Ji Woon-Soo (Lim Chang Jung) is an ordinary salary man who has no luck in his life. This all changes after Ji Woon-Soo wins the lottery.


Im Chang Jung as Ji Woon Soo
Seo Young Hee as Lee Eun Hee
Lee Se Eun as Han Soo Kyung
Choi Kyu Hwan as Deputy Cha
Yoon Da Hoon as Section Head Choi
Kang Jae Sub (강재섭) as Moon Sang Joong
Yoo Dong Hyuk as Han Joong Il
Moon Ji Young (문지영) as Jin Sang Hee
Lee Moon Shik as President Baek
Park Hyo Joon as Oh Kyung Hoon
Jang Won Young as Woon Chil
Choi Jae Hyung (최재형) as Ki Sam
Joo Myung Chul (주명철) as Kwang Pal
Shin Seo Hyun (신서현) as Seo Hyun
Woon Soo's family
Lee Kyung Jin as Ms. Na
Hwang Tae Kwang (황태광) as Ji Jae Soo
Eun Hee's family
Choi Joo Bong as Mr. Lee
Hong Yeo Jin as Ms. Jeon
Lee Joo Hyun (이주현) as Lee Geum Hee
Zuno (주노) as Lee Dong Hee
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Posted 11/8/11 , edited 11/8/11
Im Chang-jeong To Star In First Drama In 21 Years

Actor Im Chang-jeong will be making his drama come-back after 21 long years.

According to broadcasting sources on November 8th, Im will be starring in "Ji Oon-soo's Stroke Of Luck" which is slated for broadcast next year. Im will play the main character Ji Oon-soo, who's your average office worker who dreams of change. Ji Oon-soo then experiences a stroke of extremely good luck and wins the lottery, going through the many following ups and downs.

After the 1991 drama "Eyes Of Dawn", with the exception of a few small minor roles, Im has yet to play a main role in another drama all these years.

The upcoming drama will be headed by Baek Jin-dong who garnered positive reviews through the dramas "IRIS" and "ATHENA". The writer will be Lee Kyeong-mi and updates on which main broadcaster will be airing the project will be released soon.
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The PD is crap. The writer is crap. There is a good chance the drama will be crap too.

This drama- pass!
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Jo Yeo-jung’s Stroke of Good Luck

There’s a new weekend comedy series on the horizon, and SBS has just cast Jo Yeo-jung (I Need Romance) to headline Ji Woon-soo’s Stroke of Good Luck. It’s a drama about an ordinary office employee, Ji Woon-soo (Jo Yeo-jung) who dreams of her life being turned around in a reversal of fortune. So… sort of like Salarywoman, the comic version?

The drama will follow the tenacious Woon-soo, who works hard to earn a living; she possesses an eerie talent for sniffing out money, which probably means she’s gonna be a penny-pinching, bargain-hunting, hilarious almost-ajumma.

She lives with a husband who’s a mere entry-level clerk (Im Chang-jung) and also with her parents. I’m sure that’s not awkward. Hubby’s kind of a loser and dreams of hitting the lotto jackpot, while comic veteran Lee Moon-shik plays a lotto service operator.

It sounds like a cute drama to liven up weekends, and it’s nice to hear of a drama casting months in advance for once, rather than a few weeks before premiere time. On the other hand, its director brought us Lie To Me (the writer penned the 2004 fantasy-action series Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox), so… I’m not getting too excited just yet.

Ji Woon-soo’s Stroke of Good Luck will air in May.

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Posted 2/9/12 , edited 2/9/12
Seo Yeong-hee leading role in "Stroke Of Luck"

Actress Seo Yeong-hee has been cast in the drama "Stroke of Luck".

Seo Yeong-hee will be taking on the role of Lee Eun-hee, wife to Ji Woon-soo (Im Chang-jeong) in the TV Chosun drama "Stroke of Luck".

Seo Yeong-hee's management revealed, "She was offered a role in the drama "Stroke of Luck" while she was in MBC drama "A Thousand Kisses". We thought hard about it as it was another drama after 6 months of a long weekend drama but it seemed interesting so she decided to go for it".

Initially Jo Yeo-jeong was mentioned for the role of Lee Eun-hee but final conclusions decided on Seo Yeong-hee.

Seo Yeong-hee will take on the role of strong character Lee Eun-hee who saves money for a house of her own and goes through various changes when she gets selected for a lottery.

Seo Yeong-hee and Im Chang-jeong have once before acted together in the 2005 movie "My Lovely Week" as a loving couple and this time they're coming together again with "Stroke of Luck".

Meanwhile, "Stroke of Luck" which is going to be aired on the 4thth of April is about the story of a typical office worker who gets chosen in a lottery.
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Posted 3/6/12 , edited 3/6/12
Stroke of Luck is Im Chang Jung’s comeback drama in 21 years

TV Chosun new drama , Stroke of Luck , cast veteran actor Im Chang Jung to play main character Ji Woon Soo, a plain salesman who dreams to change his humble life. Ji Woon Soo tries to buy lottery as his way to reach his dream and then he experiences a stroke of extremely good luck and wins that lottery.

In this drama, Im Chang Jung will reunites with his co-star in 2005 movie My Lovely Week, actress Seo Young Hee (A Thousand Kisses). Seo Young Hee plays Lee Eun Hee, Ji Woon Soo’s wife. She’s a strong woman who saves every penny to pay her house.

Other characters in the drama are Mr. Baek who runs a service shop that foretells the lottery winning number and Lee Se Eun, a daughter of a conglomerate family who goes undercover and works in the same shop with Ji Woon Soo.

This’s Im Chang Jung’s first leading drama role in 21 years after 1991’s Eyes of Dawn as he only did movies during that time beside a few cameo roles in some dramas. He’s such a charismatic actor and it’s a treat to watch him plays drama again.

Comic drama Stroke of Luck which seems to be a down to earth drama will air April 4.

See below some stills of Stroke of Luck.

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Character stills...

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New Poster Added + Drama Teaser

Teaser Link
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JYJ twin set to make acting debut

Zuno, the elder twin brother of JYJ's Junsu, is set to make his Korean debut as an actor on TV Chosun's "Stroke of Luck".

According to the production company on Thursday, Kim will play the role of Dong-hee, a wannabe singer and brother of the protagonist Ji Woon-soo.

The comedy drama centers on Ji, who wins 12.5 billion won ($10.9 million) but pretends to live in poverty in order to avoid paying for things for his family members and friends.

The drama will begin airing from Saturday. Actor and singer Im Chang-jeong plays the stingy protagonist.

"It's such a privilege and honor to work with such respected actors for my first piece. I think it will be a fun and enjoyable program for all viewers", Kim said.

Although it's the first go at acting in Korea for the 25-year-old entertainer, Kim has been active as a singer in Japan since August last year.

His last single "Believe" reached the third spot on the Oricon chart back in December. He has also made appearances on Japanese dramas.
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