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Posted 11/8/11 , edited 11/9/11
Well, I've decided to try to get back into drawing. For the record, I do not consider myself to be a regular artist. I consider myself to be someone who likes doing a lot of different types of tasks.

As for how my style is like, it's more or less like looking at a shoujo manga. In fact, Takaya Natsuki-sensei is the one who gave me a base of the way I draw, but I am old school and I use strictly pencil meaning that you will see that old school look, flashes from artists like Shintani Kaoru-sensei. What makes me different from everyone else is that I highly emphasize on style and I use furigana.

I want to get back into drawing because I look at my own gallery and I feel like I don't give it enough love. There are other reasons, but that's the key one. I really do want to give it more love.

This is where you people come in. I'll take drawing requests for about a week. I was supposed to do some task like this last year, but...let's just say that I got caught up in a celebration too much and I completely forgot about it until just recently. I can use the practice anyway. Okay! I better give out the rules.

1. No big guys. (It's not that I don't want to do big guys. It's that I can't draw big guys with the style I carry.)

2. No yaoi/yuri/seeing that one of my friends brought it up, furries. (Just no.)

3. Please try not to ask for something naughty. (If you really want fan service, ecchi is the furthest I will go, but yeah, try not to ask for something naughty.)

Not really a rule here, but I better say it anyway. If you ask me to do a big request as in the entire cast of "Ranma", forget it, and while I'm at it, if there's a big group you want me to draw, I'm less likely going to do it because I just don't have the time. As strict as I may seem, there is still a large batch of choices to choose from.

Ready? Oh. I forgot. The format.

Character/Series ("Kasumi" for example is a common name in various series)

Notes. ("Be stylish". "The character can be super deformed". "Make him/her smile." Place any note here.)

I hope that's it? If you have questions, ask me. Thanks guys. ^^
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Can you post some examples, please?
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pinkrusse wrote:

Can you post some examples, please?

That person isn't there anymore. :O
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Fail xD
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