Places to see and things to do while in Japan
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Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/10/11
Will be in Tokyo for a few days any recommendations on places to see, things to do, restaurants (sushi and ramen), nightclubs, cultural sites, etc.

I might also have enough time to head over to Kyoto on the bullet train, any recommendations while I'm there and for points of interest along the way.

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Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/10/11
I'm pretty sure there are other threads here that answer this... but what the heck.

Since you're into anime, dropping by Akihabara is a must. Within that general area is Ueno park and Asakusa. Asakusa is known for it's famous Tennouji temple, which I'm pretty sure you've seen in many anime.

Down south going towards the Tokyo bay area is Tsukiji-shijou, which is known for its market place and fresh sushi. The Tokyo bay area itself is best known for Odaiba, and one of the best ways to access it is using the Yurikamome train - the inverted sightseeing train. If you've watched Oreimo, it's that train you see in the opening credits. Other ways to access Odabia is by the ferry system, or if you want you can take the rainbow bridge going there.

Good eats are found at Shibuya, and if you like shopping and fashion, check out Harajuku. Lastly, do drop by the Tokyo tower.

There's also some kind of day trip to the foot of Mt. Fuji in the north-west part of Tokyo, but I've never tried it. Check This page for more info.

As for Kyoto, pretty much everything is an attraction in itself. Of the many temples, I recommend visiting Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji (not Ginkakuji... that temple sucks), Touji, and Heian among others. There's also this one temple that had an aqueduct in it... the name escapes me atm.

The Philosopher's walk, which starts at the base of Kinkakuji, is a great path to walk along. Lots of nice things to see (but best during the spring, because it's lined with Sakura trees). The Higashiyama walk is amazing and throws you back to what old kyoto looked like. It starts near the foot of Kiyomizudera and ends in the Gion district. Gion is a nice place to watch kabuki theater and other related "artsy" things, if you're into that.

If you have the time, try visit the northern territories of Kyoto, such as Arashiyama. There are some onsens found near the border of Lake Biwa, which promises a splendid view in an open bath. You may wish to talk to your inn keeper (if you plan on staying in a ryokan) regarding reservations for several onsens. Most of them may have fixed packages and transportation for your convenience.

Hope this helps. As far as speaking English in Japan is concerned, I find the Kyoto denizens more fluent that the Tokyoites. Although this is just my observation. The idea that there are so many people in Kyoto that speak Kansai-ben isn't really true. I find no trouble understanding them, and even if I do look at them funny after being spoken to in Kansai-ben, they readily adjust.
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Please note that personal threads are not allowed. I suggest looking through the Japan Section, you'll definitely find something interesting. Or just check out the link that edsamac provided above.

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