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Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/11/11
This is to keep track of everyone. Your character will be written here, they'r strenght will be identified by *'s depending on their character creation form.

Izaki Miyazawa
4* Fighter

Kyoya Hibari
5* Fighter

Colin F. Leeroy
2.5* Fighter

Yuuko Midohara
2* Fighter

Keiko Midohara
1* Fighter

Kain Highway
3* Fighter

Zack Fair
2.5* Fighter

Keiichi Maebara
1* Fighter

Yami Akatoushi
1.5* Fighter

Beau Eclair
2* Fighter

Alice Collin
1.5* Fighter

Takuto Takumi
1* Fighter

Sooyun Aki
2.5* Fighter
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