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Posted 11/11/11 , edited 11/13/11
There are three writing systems for Japanese. Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. You can use all three characters in one sentence. Here you will learn one of the writing system, Hiragana. There are a total of 46 basic hiragana syllables.

Now these are Hiragana with Diacritical Marks. Basically you add '' to some hiragana symbol. So the k sound turns into the g sound, the s sound turns into the z sound, the t sound turns into the d sound, and the h sound turns into the b sound. When you add the small circle the h sound turns into the p sound. Here are an additional 23 syllables.

You will notice in these that the や ゆ, and よ are attachted next to some hiragana syllable, but are smaller. Most of the time whenever you see a syllable smaller than the character before or after it it will usually mean that it will make a sound like these:(here are 33 more syllables)

And that completes Hiragana(: You have learned 102 Japanese characters!

Have any questions ( or complaints), leave a comment below! I will try my best to answer your question

** The pronounciation is different also. When we say the letter A we say it like ' ay ' but in Japanese the way how they say あ(a) is 'ah'.
い (I) = 'e'
う(u) = uu( like a little kid is telling you you're in trouble 'uuuu you're in trouble' lol)
え(e) = 'eh'
お(o) = 'oh'

STROKE ORDER: Stroke order is important when writing out the Japanese characters, and I recommend this site to help you remember the stroke order. :
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