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Posted 11/11/11 , edited 11/12/11
Sense the board is titled Feedback, I thought I should post.

I guess right now this would be a bit of the "Won't miss it until it's gone" situations. I have recently ventured outside of crunchy roll's boundaries and have found lands of failure. Crunchy roll provides a fantastic interface for me to find the anime I want to watch and in the manner I want to watch it. I was an avid fansub watcher for years and I can honestly say that every thing that is on crunchy roll I have not downloaded any fansubs of because the quality and speed that it is made available is currently second to none.

To me, this is the real deal.

What I want...

Subtitled (some un-named sites love to push dubbed works down people throats)
Quality compression
Easy to navigate site

No one else does this better than crunchyroll

Thanks guys :)
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