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Posted 11/13/11 , edited 11/13/11
ok~ rumors that riho and karin could look alike~ i didn't see it at first but then i saw this pic of karin~

now look at riho~

in the first pic, of riho~ i ddint see it, but the second one, i did~ the only difference i can see is karin's face is more round~ unlike riho's. but honestly they could be look like's idk if it's cuz they are both holding a microphone or what~ but they do look somewhat alike~
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Posted 11/13/11 , edited 11/13/11
Karin & riho somewhat look like each other but only sometimes not most of the times
Posted 11/13/11 , edited 11/13/11
they only look alike cuz of there long hair and bangs~ anyone can see that~ other than that~ they don't look a like ><
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