Sound of male japanese singers. Why?
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Posted 11/14/11 , edited 11/14/11
Asking this here may be totally pointless, since most here probably don't know music theory, but I'll give it a shot, anyways.

Even though I'm not exactly the world's biggest J-Rock/Pop fan, there's this thing I've noticed in a lot of the stuff I've heard.
When it comes to male japanese singers, they often have this really peculiar sound to them.
As far as I've experienced, it's usually most prominent in bands that fall within the Visual Kei category, for some reason.
From the first Death Note opening to even slightly heavier stuff like -OZ- or Deluhi
It's really difficult to explain, but surely anyone that's familiar with this music has noticed this too?

And I just wonder... why?
Why do they sound like this? I've never heard singers that speak any other language have a sound as distinctive as this.
And it's not like japanese singers can't sound like western singers.
Galneryus and Kelun has proved that, so it can't be just the language itself.
So what's the deal? Do they learn different singing tecniques in Japan or what?
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Posted 11/14/11 , edited 11/14/11
yeah i have wondered.
Gackt, Hyde, Ruki, that band Buck-Tick, they make their voices deep-sounding, gospel-type [i think].

i don't have the answer, though.

Posted 11/14/11 , edited 11/14/11
^ I think of the same thing.

But the vocalist of DOES is pretty different. (And so the genre of course.)
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