Roku Crunchyroll Channel Problems
Posted 11/15/11 , edited 11/15/11
About a month ago I started to have problems with the respond time of my Remote on my Roku 2, which seems now it only occurs on the Crunchyroll channel.

At first I suspected the batteries were low so I changed them, it seems like that did the job but the problem came back.

Second I assumed the Remote was the problem so then I started using a Ri remote that worked for about a few days.

Third thing I tried using a Web App Remote but I still have the same problem.

Since then I've noticed it only occurs on the Crunchyroll channel.
Lately I just use the Ri Remote which works fine with all other channels except with the Crunchyroll channel.
About 5 days ago the problem has gotten worse and worse until the Roku doesn't respond to the Remote and the video and sound will start stuttering and stop playing all together.
I can see the light blink on the Roku but noting happens, then it just reboots by itself or goes home after 10 minutes.
Since it seems like it's the channel I already tried removing and adding the channel again but noting seems to work.
I know the channel recently got a new UI, before that I never had that problem until now.
Also I think the last Roku update might have made it worse.

Any one experiencing the same problem with the same channel?
Thanks in advance.
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