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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/18/08
DBSK Introduces Purple Line & Comments About It! ^_^

Ahh! Jaemin~

Changmin put his hand on Jaejoong's shoulder throughout the interview!

and Jaejoong's bye byes are so cute!!!!!!

Full Credit: TVXQ [email protected] Family & [email protected]

They started off by announcing Purple Line's release on 16th January 2008. They then talked a little about the third Japanese album, and then Changmin said that 2008 is around the corner. Jaejoong then pretended to be sad and said that he's going to be 22 years old next year.
The rest started clapping and saying Omedetou! (Congratulations) and he was like, "Isshou jan!" which literally means "Together!" but he probably really meant "what are you guys going on about? We are all turning 22 together!" - probably directed to all but Minnie. Then prompted by Changmin, Jaejoong talked a bit about what kind of year 2007 had been.

I thought it was really cute how, because he has one arm around Jaejoong's shoulder the whole entire interview so he couldn't clap properly, Changmin resorted to slapping one hand on Jaejoong's thigh.

Later, Changmin moved on to say how about Toho saying something to Popteen readers, and he threw that into Junsu's lap. The rest snickered, and Junsu, who looked like he was daydreaming, was like, "er...yes,"

The bye-bye that Jaejoong and Changmin did at the end was cute. But Yoochun is again, the non-speaking one all bundled up in his cap, sweaters and scarfs. He only came alive sometimes with sporadic hand gestures and when teasing Junsu.

Basically the YooSuHo were stoned in this comment spot. Jaejoong and Changmin were carrying this one, and there's a lot of JaeMin, which was adorable.

credits to:[email protected] for translation
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