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Posted 11/16/11 , edited 11/16/11

TBS announces new drama, “Stepfather Step” to succeed “Mito Komon”

The long-running Mondai jidaigeki (period) drama of TBS, “Mito Komon“, is coming to an end in December after 40 years and 43 seasons due to the gradually decreasing ratings. So far the network has remained silent about a possible successor, but today they finally announced a new drama.

The new drama will be called “Stepfather Step” and star actor Kamikawa Takaya as the protagonist. It’s based on a best-selling novel of the same name by writer Miyabe Miyuki and is said to be a fresh home comedy mixed with some mystery elements.

“Stepfather Step” is about a skilled thief without a single relative (Kamikawa) who ends up becoming the stepfather of twins. The twins are in fourth grade and suddenly lost both of their parents. Using his know-how from his past as a thief, he not only raises the twins but settles various puzzling incidents that are happening in the neighborhood.

It also was revealed that the heroine will be played by Konishi Manami.

By keeping the family element, TBS hopes to keep on appealing to all the fans of “Mito Komon”. They commented, “We want it to become a moving and fun drama that can be watched by everyone in a three-generation household.”

Today, Kamikawa, who recently starred in the detective drama “Iryu Sousa“, met the adorable twins for the first time at a meeting in Tokyo. The twins are played by the real twins, Shibuya Tatsuki and Shibuya Itsuki, who are ten years old. They already appeared in dramas such as “Hagane no Onna season 2“.

Kamikawa is looking forward to start with the filming at the end of this month and commented, “I’m already loving them, which is going to help me getting into the role.”

Further he added, “I want to try my best in order to turn it into an enjoyable drama for all generations.”

TBS used to only air jidaigeki dramas on their Monday 8:00 pm time slot, but in 2009 they already introduced a modern police drama with the popular “Hancho” series that alternated with “Mito Komon”. From now on we will be able to look forward to “Stepfather Step” and most-likely more seasons of “Hancho” on Mondays.

The first episode of “Stepfather Step” will air on January 9th, 2012.


The plot sounds like "Marumo no Okite". I think it would be cute too.
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