When It Crosses Over the Stars and Moon - Act 2
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Act 2, Scene 1

A Wolf in the House of Hind

It was strange; the interior of the building wasn’t at all as unwelcoming as it looked from the outside. A building made perhaps at the turn of the fiftieth century, perhaps? Its stone walls and terracotta roofing gave it an almost churchly feel, yet there was a regalness to the place that made that thought seem very out of place. A building crafted to speak of those whom reside within and in this case it held the noble House of Hind, even with to its aged appearance it offered a sort of defiance to the world around, that its stone was made to last and would weather any storm sent its way.

Perhaps, it wasn’t so strange. Perhaps, it was only because his mother and sister seemed much more at home here, than they ever did back… at his home? Their other home?

It was this confusion that kept him silent, kept him planted upon the window seat, which had the loveliest of views. It’s large picture window and the coolness of the stone wall felt good to him and when the sun was just right, the warmth made it all the better.

To see his sister… no, she wasn’t his sister, not really… though she continued to treat him with the same kindness and affection as before, she had changed in one regard, she was now even more fussy over his well-being.

His mother… no, she wasn’t his mother, not really… hadn’t change one lick. She was erratic, or perhaps that’s a mislabel now that he thought about it, eccentric as ever. So much so that she started wearing what he could call period piece dresses. It was so almost ridiculous to see her wearing something so… fancy?

No… she had always been a sharp dresser. Perhaps, it wasn’t so ridiculous after all. This was their lives before him, but as eternal beings their time, his time with them had only been but a twinkling and according to his moth—, no Adara, it was the best twinkling she will ever have, since it is shared alongside her daughter as well.

What troubled him is that he believed her. More so that she had also kept her promise.

His questions had been answered.

He had only been a baby when the war started, he had in fact been born the night that everything when to pot. A bad omen some had said. His father, duty bound to lead his forces, went out to join the noble House of Hind.

His mother, having just given birth had been secretly taken to a cottage home by the sea, instead of the Hind stronghold in the area, with a company of the family guard; this was decided in the event an attack besieged the stronghold, mother and infant could escape by sea.

Sapphire, being one of Hind, had been tasked to take sentry with her guardian and a battalion of their best men at the stronghold. Adara and her husband had met with the bulk of the House of Wolf’s forces and marched together to meet the threat.

The engagement had been a ruse and by the way of subterfuge and betrayal, the vast number of Wolf and Hind marching to meet the enemy where meet by a small reserve force instead.

At the same time a full division of armed soldiers that consisted of two noble Houses and seven minor Houses were then dispatched to the seaside cottage, by order of the one known as the Breaker of Houses. The objective had been to kill the heir and wife of the House of Wolf and with the threat of future retribution eliminated, to move against the Hind stronghold and capture it; this would then put the House of Hind under pressure to their demands.

It was by a fortunate accident that a solider had heard of a house maid's complaint, that their usual supply of vegetables by a local farmer had been delayed by a whole day. Knowing that war had not reached reach this far south, the solider alerted his commander and then dressed as a common house servant went to investigate. His soldier’s absence after several hours pushed the cautious commander to send a fifty solider dispatch to the stronghold of Hind via horse back and prepped the corsair for immediate evacuation of his charges.

The attack came that night and during their flight to safety to the waiting vessel, Christopher’s mother had taken an arrow to the shoulder, but was able to get on board the small corsair and head to the relative safety of the Hind stronghold. His mother died shortly after having received a solemn vow to protect Christopher by Sapphire’s guardian.

In the chaos that followed, news of the Two of Seven’s alliance and their deception, the neutral House of Falcon took to arms and rallied the remaining seven minor Houses to aid the ailing House of Wolf and the besieged House of Hind.

Had it not been for the combined force of the House of Falcon and their allies, House of Hind would have been severely decimated. Had it not been for the sacrifice of his father, his House and Adara’s husband, House of Hind would have eradicated.

Adara, had been his mother for all intent and purpose, even now knowing some of the details of his circumstance, his love for her had grown within him. She had taken him as her own, after the death of her husband and the destruction of the House of Wolf, she and the head of the House of Falcon had crafted an iron-strong alliance and where able to keep him, Christopher, alive.

To what end though, he felt it truly unfair. He had only turned a year old when Sapphire, (he had always known her as his youngest sister, though in reality she was ten years his senior. Her petite frame, just like her mother’s, had made that subterfuge believable) and Adara were exiled to the mortal realm to live their lives as mortals and for Christopher to never come to understand or develop his abilities.

Only one of the Deific Houses could break such a contract.

As his eyes keep to the beautiful scene outside, his mind then recalls something he had done for Sapphire, when he was much younger. It was a promise.

“Promise me…”
“I promise, Sapphire…”

That is all he could recall or remember. When he had asked her about it, she seemed a bit put out by it. She didn’t want to talk about it that much was evident, but the reaction was one of bitter sweetness.

“So you do remember something about it, right?”
“Of course, but I don’t remember what was promised. Why won’t you tell me?”

It was then that she turned somewhat bitter; as she cast her glance away form him, she had said.

“I can’t tell you. it's for you to remember."

She had left it at that. Even though he had expected some awkwardness afterwards, she had done a very good job of maintaining their rather comfortable relationship. Even Adara, would come back from time to time to check up on him, like the doting mother that she is.

Christopher sighed.

Living in this new place, with this new realm outside. A place that was considered reserved for those called immortals, made him somewhat sad. Even as he watched the horizon, he considered their request.

The house of Wolf, to survive needed to become a vassal once again.


He could give up his family name and inherit a life as one of Hind.
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