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►The Invasion Saga◄ ACT 3- The Unstoppable Force
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After successfully gathering up all of his energy, he braces himself. "FINAL FLASH!!!" Then, Cross thrusts his palms forward and discharges a massive beam of energy towards his opponent.

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Milo grunted as he held his head looking around "Something must have broken my fall?" He then saw a beam shoot across the sky shaking everything on the ground. "Woah wh-what the hell!?" He looked up to see Cross firing it. "Ohhh? I wont let you show off like that!." She rose to his feet wobbling. "Now to search for that tramp again..." He looked around the sky for her. "Hmmm if my memory is correct then I really did hit the bitch back then, Hehe would like to see her talk shit now!"
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Drake got up and and flew threw the dust of the boulder shattering!!!!!!!!!!!
As Scar just became visible Drake fires two reddish black beams of energy at Scar
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Ringo find Rin leaning up on a batter building. He also sees Cid face down in the ground not moving. He flys down and lands near Rin. She turns her head to the left and looks at Ringo with the " Why have you came back" look.
Ringo: Is he....dead?
Rin looks lazily at Cid then back at Ringo and she nods
Rin: No. But thats not your problem. I thought I told you and your friend to go help those other warriors with that Ape woman.
Rin scolds Ringo as if she was his mother. The memories of her mothering him back on Gretpa started to flood back.
Ringo: Why are you on this Planet Lady Taula? Why didnt you return back to Gretpa?
Rin didnt answer Ringo she just looked to the sky
Ringo: We all thought you where dead....What happened? Did you not care for us anymore?
She still did not answer just stared at the sky
Ringo: Lady Taula ANSWER your Prince now!
Ringo says demanding answers. Rin simply looked at Ringo as she slow rises to her feet. And then looks at Ringo with her light green eyes.
Rin: Lady Taula is dead. My name is Rin Kenshiro and I am a happy house mother. Therefor I have no Prince to answer
She says with a smile as puts two fingers on her forehead and then vanishes* before Ringo's very eyes. Out of anger he punches a hole in the wall of the building. Then Cid coughs up blood as he lays there not able to move. Ringo looks down on him his eyes narrowed. Cid had one eye open and could see what was next he just grins and spits blood at Ringo's shoes. Then Ringo puts his hand out charging a royal purple energy ball in his hand.
Ringo: Lady Taula and My Father showed you mercy by allowing you and your inbred family to live but I will not make such an error. For the months being on this planet I have learned Trash needs to be tooken out.
Cid: *Laughs weakly* ha..ha...Ur the only trash....i see ...scared...prince
Ringo: Just as Bold as ever end in the face of death. Bold and stupid till the very end. Farewell Trash
Ringo then shoots the energy ball at Cid engulfing him in a royal purple explosion. As the smoke and dust cleared in was nothing left of Cid the Deadly. Then Ringo floats up high in the air and powers up jetting towards where the others are fighting Roxxy.

Meanwhile Scar VS Zeek, Boten & Drake....

When Scars punch had connected and to anyone's surprise, the floating Boten within the dust clouds blows up! Meanwhile, behind the flying boulder meant for Scar is Boten! Zeek sighs in relief as the boulder falls to the ground and Boten was standing on top of it smiling.
Boten:Clone Kamikaze Attack *Puts up the peace sign still smiling* Great attack hu Mr. Zeek
Zeek smiles and was about to speak but from the smoke walks out Scar practically unharmed from Boten's attack
Scar: What a coward attack. Such a childish technique
Then Scar sees Drake's attack flying towards him he simple stares it down and then puts both his hands out and catches the Double Kamehameha attack with great ease. It pushes him back about 10ft then Scar lifts the attack to the air deflecting it to the sky. His hand where smoky but didnt seem to bother Scar. Then he looks at Drake the one who shot the energy beam.
Scar: Pathetic Boy....Allow me to show you a real attack for This will finish you off
he then puts his hands together in front of him and charges two big, green energy spheres. Then, he spreads his arms out at his sides and throws them down to fire the energy spheres in the form of a large energy wave at the Drake. The blast it shot at him at an incredible speed.

Back at the Battle against Great Ape Roxxy....

As Yaen's and Cross's attack collide into one another forming one giant beam of energy being shot at the laying great Ape Roxxy. As the blast nears Roxxy comes to and at the last second fires a giant blast attack from her mouth matching the power of the the two attacks. Great Ape Roxxy gets flung across the city from the explosion. Then rises roaring beating her chest firing off a wave of energy blasts totaling the City and aiming any and everything.

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*While still in Kaio-ken state, with the time he has left, Yaen dodges and closes in on the Great Ape with great speed. Quickly forming another energy disc in his hand, Yaen disappears and reappeared behind the Great Ape. He took hold of the tail with vice grip.*
I just had about enough out of you.
*Yaen released his energy disc at the tail.*
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With his Dark Nimbus, Cross flew out of harms way and out of sight.
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Boten grits his teeth as he hopes Drake is able to deflect it or escape as he fires a one-handed kamehameha from atop of the boulder zooming quickly towards Scar.


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Drake started powering up and the light around him gathered in his palm and he waved his had and sent it at Scar's energy wave moments before it was going to hit Drake which caused an explosion that sent Drake flying
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Viewing the beam being matched by Roxxy's large structure, she gathered the energy required. And raised up further into the air. Shielding herself from the explosion, she lowered her arms when it was over. Yet the energy being gathered drew her attention.
Megumi: She's only gotten angry
Flying upward into the sky, Megumi managed to avoid the attack. Yet the flying rubble was a bit more difficult to predict. Roxxy had become blind with rage... that much seemed obvious.
Megumi: Hmph...
Megumi raised up into the clouds and moved to an out of sight location, that would allow her to get a good view of Roxxy. She narrowed her eyes and gripped her fists. Drawing back her hand she released a prepared Trap Shooter towards her leg and backside.
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Ringo flew through the sky leaving a purple trail behind him, a couple of minutes he found them on the north side of town. A raging battle between the Great Ape and the others looked messy from a distance despite the destructive power, but maybe that's why it looked undisciplined.

He watched Yaen close in and grab Roxxy's tail, energy disk in hand, but she spun around and threw him into a nearby building his disk missing its target and disappearing into the ground.

Megumi floated above charging what seemed to be a variant of his own Thunder Shotgun Flash. She released it speed and accuracy but it had virtually no effect as the orbs just bounced off the Ape's back. Roxxy looks up and immediately fires an energy blast from her mouth, engulfing Megumi and blasting her farther into the air.

BGM: Saiyans' Never Die

Rage filled his eyes, anger fueled his fists and urgency sped his haste. If he didnt get there soon, he assumed they wouldnt survive for too much longer. Suddenly a large flux of energy surges from his center and his speed triples, leaving ripples in the air like stones in a pond.* Seconds later he approaches Roxxy from the front and slams into her chest, knocking her backwards. She trips over some of the buildings and falls on the ground.

Yaen flies out of the building and joins Ringo on his right. Megumi, who was falling at the moment, regains her composure and takes the spot on his left.

I see you are having some difficulty... Ringo says without emotion. Dropping into a horse stance his eyes turn teal and his hair begins to stand on end, purple ki resonates around him like electricity around a Tesla Coil.* His muscles bulge slightly and become more defined while Roxxy slowly stands, blinded by anger.

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OCC: Now that Kon has finally Posted lol Its time to rap these battles up.

About Mile from The Battle with Roxxy.....

Rin stands on a nearby building as she watches Ringo fly pass. She crosses her arms and a wind blows hair snowy white hair. She fixes her glasses and continues to monitor the battle with Great Ape Roxxy.
Rin: Hopefully they will be able to take her down before she gets outta hand. I honestly dont feel like fighting a giant monkey.
She smiles and shakes her head as she watches Ringo crash into The great ape's chest and Yaen who was flung into a building.
Rin: They better be carefully I only have a few Senzu Beans left. And i already spoiled them with one. Kids these days....
Rin says are she crosses her arms again watch the warriors fight Great Ape Roxxy.

At The Battle with Roxxy.....

Ringo: I see you are having some difficulty
Ringo says without emotion.
Yaen: Quiet show off...I Had her like twice thank you very much
Ringo: "Had Her and actually "Getting it Done" are two different things
Yaen: Shut up...
Megumi: Boys Boys, can we fight like little girls after the giant monkey is defeat
She says in a jokey manner. Ringo gives her a very empty stare
Ringo: You two stand down. I'll hand this as Prince
Yaen was about to say a smart comment but Ringo Drops into a horse stance his eyes turn teal and his hair begins to stand on end, purple ki resonates around him like electricity around a Tesla Coil.* His muscles bulge slightly and become more defined while Roxxy slowly stands, blinded by anger. Yaen and Megumi eyes widen as they feel the power coming from Ringo. Roxxy roars loudly and Maya walks out a building rubbing her forehead.
Maya: Oh god I have a headache...Damn that human
Maya hears Roxxy roar
Maya: Shes gotten out of control....* feels Ringo's power* What the hell?!
She pulls out his state of art Scouter
Maya: 15....19...20...27... 35...45,000!!!! impossible! still raising!!!
Her Scouter then cracks and she throws it to the ground. She grits her teeth
Maya: He's gotten quite the power boast. Lucky Roxxy has a few thousand still on him. I better get the hell outta here. I had my fun.
Maya then dashes in and out of wrecked buildings not being noticed by anyone. Ringo darts right at Roxxy she roars again as she stands charging energy around her body once Ringo was in range she explodes with a gigantic energy sphere around her body. Ringo is shot back wards with little damage as Yaen catches him. As the bright light ,dust and smoke dies down Roxxy is airborne high above our heroes Yaen and Ringo but Roxxy looks as if she was getting smaller. And she was because her tail was cut off. Megumi is seen flying pass behind Roxxy on Dark Nimbus with Cross. Her giant tail was cut off by Megumi with her attack the *Brave sword Attack. Roxxy falls pass Yaen and Ringo and hits the ground below hard right in front of Maya who was trying to escape.
Maya: Shi-
Maya stops dead in her tracks as Roxxy reaches out for a hand from Maya. Ringo and Yaen float down to stand in fornt of Maya and then here comes Cross and Megumi hopping off Dark Nimbus to stand with Ringo and Yaen. Cross holds his right side and Megumi was helping him stand due to him having 4 broken ribs and 3 crack ribs from being crushed by Roxxy early but was fighting the pain.
Cross: Ill....Be fine
Megumi: This isnt the time in being Macho
Cross: Tch...
Cross looks to the side
Milo appears behind behind Maya
Milo: Looks like this is the end of the line girly
Milo says with a grin. Then Rin appears out of nowhere in front of the others.
Yaen: Ms.Rin?! Where? How?
Ringo narrows his eyes as Rin crosses her arms. Maya was shocked to say the least to say Lady Taula appear making things even worst
Rin: If you surrender now I promise no harm will come to you
Ringo: Fat chance!
Ringo snaps back
Ringo: Scum does not deserve Mercy. As Prince I will see-
Rin: Quite Ringo! We dont operate like that on Earth
Ringo girts his teeth
Ringo: Taula YOU will NOT disrespect the Prince-
Yaen: Would you shut up will that Prince Shit!
Ringo looks at Yean like did he just speak to me like that. Then Megumi puts her hand up signaling them to calm down then Rin turns around "Nows my chance!" Maya says to her self as she quickly grabs Roxxy's arm as she dashes backwards elbowing Milo in the gut he get flung into the building behind him then Maya laughes like a mad woman
Maya: Sorry Roxxy but your dead WEIGHT!
She says as she throws Roxxy at the group quickly followed by a small ball that grew in 20 time in size instantaneously. Rin looks back
Rin: Damn it!
Rin quickly grabs Yaen, Ringo, Megumi, Cross and Milo and using her Instant Transmission skill to teleport them all to the out skirts of North City just as the whole City is engulfed in a giant Greenish-yellow explosion. After everything was calm a giant crater was what was left in the spot North City once stood.

Else Where......

Scar sees the attack shot from Boten and he gets hit by it. Zeek Catches Drake before he hit a mountain. Scar gets up instantly brushing himself off.
Scar: This is now getting annoying.
He says waving his blue tail. Zeek and Drake stand by Boten and they all get ready for Scar. Then a loud beeping noise could be heard from the metal case that Scar had before he ran into Boten and Zeek. Scar looks at the case then vanishes then appearing next to it. he opens it and pulls out another scouter.
Scar: Scar reporting in my Lord.......Two days. Yes I understand my Lord Chaos. Will do. Scar out.
Scar then looks at the 3 warriors as he checks there power levels.
Scar: hmmm...
Then Scar vanishes again appearing behind the 3 throwing them off guard
Zeek & Drake: !!!!!
He quickly makes work of Drake and Zeek at the same time. Scar hits them in the sides breaking ribs then does his Gigantic Hammer attack on them both. As he slams them into the ground Boten jumps up. Scar throws a quick kick but Boten dodges it and runs up his leg to kick him in the face but Scar dodges it and then grabs Boten's tail and squeezes. Boten eyes widen as he cant move anymore
Scar: A saiyan's only true weakness....His tail.
Scar looks down on Drake and Zeek who faces where in the dirt.
Scar: Consider yourselves lucky. I have to prepare for the Arrive of my Lord and this planets new ruler....Chaos. I'll be taking the child. With proper training this boy will become an excellent Saiyan warrior.
As Scar was about to fly off Zeek grabs his right leg
Zeek: I-....I wont....let-
Zeek struggles as Scar looks down on him kicking his hand off his leg then Scar mega kick Zeek in his broke ribs, into the air then Scar roundhouse kicks Zeek into a boulder and it crumbles on top of him
Scar: I never asked your input.
He them stomps on Drake's back as he flys out with Boten leaving Zeek and Drake broken and beaten.

Narrator Voice: It seem our Heroes have where save by Rin Kenshiro from Maya's ultimate attack and having defeated two of the saiyan gang. But who will save Zeek and Drake. And what about Boten?! Who is this Chaos and is he as dangerous as he sounds? All this and more will be answered in the next exciting episode of Dragonball Z Legends Act 4 The Arrive.

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