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Posted 11/17/11 , edited 11/24/11
♥ Jobs To Do List ♥
Needed Mods / Don't be shy we dont bite

  • Jobs To Do !

  • Graphic Fashionasta
    * make request on either avatar, banner, icon, signatures, profiles, manga coloring...
    * add 3 resources of your own, but no copying someone else
    * when the resources pngs are updated please post the credits,
    whoever made the pngs with photoshop or gimp
    * make your own freebies
    * invite your buddies at least 100
    * There will be three different pics for you to test your SKILLS

  • Forum Fantasia
    * make 5 forums of resources
    * make 6 games in the forums
    * organize them
    * get a membership card (this coming thanksgiving day)

  • Photo Manager
    * Upload 5 anime pics, added to the forum of "Resources Anime"
    * Upload 20 non-anime pics, added to the forum of "Resources Non-Anime"
    * Upload 10 Render Pics, added to the forum of " Resouces HQ Renders"

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    Have you read the requirements?
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    Why do you want to become our mods?:
    Show Your Examples (on spoiler):
    Personal Questions!

    Do you really like our group/website?:
    Do you have any ideas to make our website and group the best?:
    Do you have any questions or suggestions for the creator?:
    What ACM is to you? [complete 500 words mixuim..]
    Do you like making graphics?
    Would you add this to your favorites?
    Do you know who is the founder president of this group?
    What kind of graphic can you make?
    Have you read the group profile for "Question & Answers"?
    Do you want to make ur own shop or classes?
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