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Posted 11/18/11 , edited 11/19/11
Specie.: (Vampires, Flame-hazes, Witch, Hunter,)
Origin: (Summer, Winter, autumn, Spring)


Username: -purehimesama-
Name: Shana
Specie: Flame-hazes
Title: Shakugan no Shana
PARTNER: (if flamehaze)
Origin: Summer

Vampires- they are those who live in Winter or even in Autumn. Minimal vampires only are seen in Summer and Spring since the sun affects them. Normal vampires can turn humans or hunters into Vampires as well. They eat like humans duringthe day but if they are hungry at night they hunger for lust and blood.

Flame-Hazes- They are those who live in spring and Summer, Their majority if powers is the sun and flames. Flame-hazes have partners in their lives. Flame-haze only die when their flames are used very much. They are weak in Winter but very powerful in Summer.

Witch- they are very popular in many parts. the most dominant for witches is the autumn. They stay there since the weather is fine.

Hunters- they stay safe in spring. They are friends with the Flame-hazes since they are the ones who protect them from Vampires and Witched.

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