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27 / M / In my Sanctuary
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/12/12
Creator: Naruto_Genius


Name: Marlene Albert

Age: Unknown

Powers: Has no known powers, but according the her master Charles, she hasn't aged a day since he met her, which was almost 300 years ago

Bio: Marlene is Charles Cornelius Caesar's attendant and has been with him since he was born. She doesn't talk about herself much, but Charles keeps her with him since she has never lost her beauty in her life. She hasn't aged in years, even Charles admits that he never used his magic on her, so her existence is an enigma to him.
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27 / M / The world inside...
Posted 12/4/12 , edited 12/5/12
Creator: Imagination-Enigma
Image Details: Twin pigtail's with reddish hair and freckles (Country girl type of feel)
Name: Nancy
Age (optional): 17
Powers: none
Bio(optional): Nancy grew up without a father or mother, abandoned on the steps of a Furen Orphanage, until now she has yet to be adopted but has no hard feelings towards it and enjoy's her daily life at the orphanage and plans to stay there and help it out in any way she can.
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