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Posted 11/19/11 , edited 11/24/11
So here you will learn the second writing system/ alphabet of the Japanese, Katakana. The sounds are the same as Hiragana but in Katakana it is written different, a total of 46:

here are some additional sounds(same sounds as Hiragana but written differently) (25):

Same as Hiragana heres another Diacritical Mark list (33):

Yay! You have now learned an additional 104 new characters :D

** The pronounciation is different also. When we say the letter A we say it like ' ay ' but in Japanese the way how they say ア(a) is 'ah'.
イ (I) = 'e'
ウ(u) = uu( like a little kid is telling you you're in trouble 'uuuu you're in trouble' lol)
エ(e) = 'eh'
オ(o) = 'oh'

* stroke order is important also so here's a website that shows you the stroke order:
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