Black Friday laptop deals?
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Posted 11/20/11 , edited 11/20/11
Oh great community of Crunchyroll, I need your help.

I'm getting a laptop on Black Friday. I need a new one bad. I ask of you to help me find a (legit) place in which I can get a good laptop.

Notes to keep in mind?

- Simplicity is a key base to remember.

- Can't be real pricey.

- Has to be a top brand, but I'm not a Mac person. (I use them, but I'm not fond of the format overall, which is why I'm a PC person.)

- A built in camera is required not just for me, but for my mom just in case she wants to talk through Skype.

- A good built in anti-virus system will be needed also.

- Seeing that I pass out quickly before I can finish the work/turn off the top, speed's required.

- The screen doesn't need to be huge. Just good enough for me to work with.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I guess that's all for now? Thanks guys. ^^
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Posted 11/20/11 , edited 11/20/11
Sadly, Personal Threads are not allowed.

Please use the link below:

I'm sure someone will try to help you out if not then ask your friends or search different stores.

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