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which is better Sony or Apple
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Posted 11/20/11 , edited 11/21/11
i think sony since it has tvs , cameras , stereos , phones , mp3 + mp4s ,computers vaoi, and playstation systems and most of them are epic and sound quality is the best along with a nice battery life for mp3+mp4s and cameras and tvs and camera's picture quality is pretty clean and great and have many designs for most of em
while apple got great computers and ipods and smart phones and yeah they are amazing but i think sony is way better because they have many more years and they do great jobs in every functions to their stuff but i really dont think apple is a bad company but sony out do them :0 well thats just my opinion because i own stuff from both and i really think sony is btter
anyway i wanna read more opinions :D
besides Steve Jobs is dead who is gonna continue the great interface ideas and everything else?
R.I.P Steve Jobs
P.S i dont want fights or anything i really think both are great
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Posted 5/20/12 , edited 5/20/12
both . lol
sony is good , apple is popular
Posted 9/2/12 , edited 9/2/12
Sony !!!!! Apple is only good on there software.
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