Buffering problems on a Tuesday night?
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Posted 11/22/11 , edited 11/23/11
Most of the time, I am very satisfied with Crunchyroll and am happy that I subscribe here.

However, I have had issues the past few weeks when watching the new episodes of Bleach and Chihayafuru on Tuesday nights. During the middle of each episode, I will at some point be interrupted and forced to let the video buffer for a few minutes. I have Time Warner cable and my PC is more than qualified to stream 720p video.

Simply put, I do not pay a subscription to have to wait for my streams to load. I expect clear shows that are ready to go on demand, and that play without interruption. Maybe there are a lot of popular shows airing on Tuesdays. However, even if that's the case, having an adequate infrastructure to air their shows is CR's responsibility to their customers.

Please review the website's performance and ensure that it is capable of meeting demand. Getting interrupted at key plot points like tonight is VERY frustrating.

Thank you
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Posted 11/23/11 , edited 11/23/11
I kinda had the same problem watching Kimi to Boku on Monday. I don't think it's nice that you have to wait for the vid to buffer a half an hour before you're able to watch the episode without interruptions.
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Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/28/11
We're changing service providers within a month I think so any problems you are having now may be resolved at that point in time.
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Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/29/11
I am also having terrible problems atm, like I cant watch any video and the page is quite slow.
Tryed restarting, deleting any kind of caches, opera and firefox, open-dns and using a quite realiable private proxy. Nothing works.

After waiting like 5 minutes or so, it actually buffered like 2 or 3 seconds of the opener of squid girl ep 8.

Really whats up with this?
My Netmeter shows an incredible 8 kb/s download.
My connection is capable of like 30Mbit :o

Now it seems to work again. Weird :S Hope it stays this way
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