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►The Invasion Saga◄ ACT 4- The Arrive
Full Blooded Saiyan
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Boten wipes out the dirt from his face and clothes after his escape from atop of Zeek's shoulder. He was happy. He loved training but judging from the sound of it, he was kinda worried that his own dad would found out that he was here on Earth of all places he run away from home. He shook that thought away as he punches the air with his right fist.

Let's go training! Maybe we should find Muten Roshi!!!
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Sensing much energy that occurred, William finally arrives at the sight. It was a long day and now, there's something amiss and he intends to find out. He first introduces himself to Yaen. He seems young at his early teens.

William Umi AKA Android 1170

My name is William. William Umi. Pleasure.

He offers a hand shake with his right hand.

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Cross sits on his Dark Nimbus as he talks to himself. "What joke. A team? That's hilarious! So much so that i forgot to laugh. They're pathetic." Cross continues to fly on his Dark Nimbus with thoughts going through his mind.
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Ringo nods.

Yes... Alone.

He looks around at the others and waits for Zeek.

If there is something you need to say to me you can say it in front of everyone.

Unfortunately it is a delicate subject, I doubt you would approve of me airing your dirty laundry in front of your friends. Know that if I felt it was something we could discuses in the open, I would.

Zeek nods and they both start walking away from the group. When they were a good distance away and out of earshot,Ringo stops as he places a hand on Zeeks shoulder.

Zeek, its been a couple of months since I landed on this planet and I have recently learned of some information that you might find, how should I say, difficult.

He spoke with a strong and noble tone, truly a voice of a king.

What are you talkin about space man?

Saiyans Zeek, Im talking about our heritage.

Dont ya mean "your" heritage.

... Yes, my heritage. Either way I think you need to learn a little bit about the past to better prepare for the future.

Zeek say nothing, and Ringo starts speaking.

A thousand years ago the Saiyans were driven from their home world by an all powerful Saiyan. He transformed into what became known as " A Super Saiyan", and giving into primal instinct, he began rampaging, his power was so great that he caused a planet wide evacuation. Eventually the entire planet was destroyed and the refugees found another planet to live on.

Ringo cracks his neck and knuckles.

This planet we landed on, Plant, was already inhabited by a technologically advanced race, the Truffles. They forced us to live in the badlands, not allowing any refugees to enter their great cities. Things were peaceful for a while but eventually war broke out. For 10 years the Saiyans and the Truffles fought, but in a single night the Saiyans ended the war, transforming into their Ape form by the light of the full moon.

What happened to the losers?

Ringo shakes his head.

They were annihilated, no one survived. How could they, the transformation causes us to revert back to our primal form and in that form we lose any sense of higher intelligence, only giving into emotion. However, with the source of technology gone we needed to find a new place for supplies. It was at this time that the Saiyans turned into mercenaries for the Arcosians, concurring planets for money and tech.

I dont get it, why are you telling me this?

Because the man who is coming in 2 days, Chaos, is the most powerful Saiyan I can think of. Rumors say he is as strong as, if not stronger, than A Super Saiyan. He was captured and put in an isolated prison on Planet Vageta. If he's escaped he might destroy this planet for fun or enslave humanity.

Ringo finished explaining and they both stood staring at each other silently.
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Megumi looked down at Cross
Megumi: Why is the thought of a team bothering you? You were in alliance with the rest of us a moment ago?
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As Ringo and Zeek both stood staring at each other silently. Zeek finally unfold his arms and rubs his forehead with his right hand.
Zeek: I'm not gonna lie this is a lot to sink in. I understand this Chaos is a major threat but.....
Zeek pauses as he makes a fist and smiles.
Zeek: But If we all work together as a unit as a Team i have no doubt in my mind that we cant take anything or anyone who poses to harm our home, our planet. We'll fight as....Friends.
Ringo crossed his arm and rose an eye brow as he looked at Zeek
Ringo: Cute hero speak but I am quite serious when I say that, Chaos is in his on league.
Zeek: I am quite serious myself as well.
Ringo does a heavy sigh
Zeek: And another thing You telling me all of this as if I was a Saiyjan or something like that.
Ringo narrows his eyes as he looked at Zeek. Ringo could tell Zeek had saiyan blood in him, and besides he was the son of Lady Taula. So he had to be at least half. Ringo started to remember the "spar" him and Zeek had when he first landed. Ringo won but it took almost everything he had to beat Zeek. Ringo takes a deep breath in and then breaths out. He didnt feel it was he place to tell Zeek about what he "really" is but if he didnt say anything then who would? Lady Taula? If she hasnt by now then she probably wont. Ringo turns his back on Zeek
Ringo: That's because....
Rin: You are part of the Saiyan Race Zeek.
Rin Kenshiro appears out of nowhere* next to Ringo. Ringo did not turn around when she appeared he just stayed quiet.
Zeek: M-Mom?!.....wait what are you talking about?
Zeek looks at his mom in shocked at what she just told him.

A great distance away from where Ringo, Zeek, and his mother Rin stood Yaen, Milo, Megumi, Drake and Boten. They stood there a very good distance away watching Ringo and Zeek chat. They could see the two but couldnt hear them.
Yaen: I wonder what the Ringo had to tell Zeek alone? Is it that private?
He said with his arms crossed looking to cool as his hair blew in the wind. Milo stood right next to him with his hand behind his head with a relaxed face on.
Milo: Who knows buddy but if that Prince guy diss me again me and him out gonna have a few words with our fists.
Yaen: *Chuckles* You know he would kill you right
Milo: Yea I know that but HE doesnt. Its all about mind games
Milo grins as he nods his head like his logic is flawless Yaen laughs then another fighter appears flying down to the group he looked to be in his early teens. The boy walked up to Yaen and put his hand out.
William Umi: It seems as if I missed all the action....I am William....William Umi. Nice to meetca ya fellow fighter.
Yaen looked at the guy with one eye brow up. Kids these days he said to him self at least his polite. Yaen shakes the kid's hand
Yaen: I'm Yaen its good to great as much help as we can William. This is...?
Yaen looked at Milo
Yaen: I never got you name pal
Milo: Is Milo sup.
Megumi walks up to them holding Boten's hand.
Megumi: i am Megumi it is a pleasure.
Boten: And i am Boten
Boten says pumping his fists up happily.
Drake: I'm Drake.
William Silmes
William: Its a pleasure to meet you all
Yaen looks at Megumi
Yaen: You would happen to be "The" Megumi would ya? the famous lead Guitarist to the band PR.
Milo squints his eyes at Megumi
Milo: Hey....HEY U ARE U ARE!
Milo jumps up and down pointing at her, he sees everyone looking at him like he was a kid then regains his composure.
Milo: *Clears his throat* I Mean she is seem so
Megumi waves her hands trying to be modest as she could.
Megumi: Pleases Please guys its nothing really.
Yaen: You know Zeek has the BIGGEST crush on you. hahaha...tho that was suppose to be a secret....oh boy...Umm u didnt her that. But I didnt know you could fight. This info will probably make him flip out hahaha.
Megumi: *Smiles* Yes, I even teach at a Dojo. but let's just keep at the matter at hand, Saving the World.
Yaen: Right
Yaen says rubbing the back of his head as he turns back around to continue to look towards Ringo and Zeek. "Man she is CUTE. The way Zeek talked about her I thought she was a model." he laughs to him self. Milo on the other hand
Milo: So You single?
Yaen grabs Milo by the collar turn him around to and everyone laughs. Yaen noticed that Ms.Rin has joined Ringo and Zeek.
Yaen: Ms.Rin? Whats she doing over there?...thats it am flying over.
Everyone else nods in agreement and flys over to where Ringo, Zeek and Rin where.

Zeek: I'm a Saiyan?
Rin: Only Half Honey. I'm a full blood Saiyan. I came from the very place Little Ringo is from.
Zeek: but...I...
Zeek was confused and somewhat anger at the same time.
Zeek: I dont understand? Why are you only tell me this NOW?!
Rin walks up to her son and puts her hands on his shoulders.
Rin: Am so sorry was something in my past I tried to forget for years now but....
She crosses her arms and looks to the sky and Ringo cuts her off
Ringo: But you CANT deny your heritage!
She looks at Ringo with a frown as Yaen and the others reach them.
Milo: So princey what we miss?
Ringo ignores Milo yet again.
Ringo: Lady Tau- I mean Lady Rin...The Saiyan know as Chaos will be arriving to earth in 2 days.
Rin eye's widen and she gulps a bit as she hears the name Chaos. Ringo turns and faces everyone
Ringo: I hope you all will be prepared. The battle that approaches is nothing to take light of. Farewell.
Ringo Royal purple Aura surrounds him as he jets off leaving everyone is a flash
Zeek: Wait! Ringo....Darn it..... I was gonna ask him to be our leader.
Milo: HIM!?! U gotta be nuts if you think I'll follow him.
Zeek : but his strong and
Yaen walks up to Zeek and puts his arm on his shoulder
Yaen: What about you buddy?
Zeek looks at Yaen and shakes his head
Zeek: No...No..I cant lead I'm weak.
Megumi: A true Leader and true Man can always admit his weak. Thats what makes him a strong Leader.
Zeek looks at everyone and they all nod.
Yaen: So "Leader" whats it gonna be?
Zeek rubs the back of his head and laughs
Zeek: Alright Alright guys...I'll lead this team to victory! If we all fight as one I know in my heart NO ONE can stop us!
They all cheer as Rin looks at her soon with a smile thinking. " He is just like his father"


Scar sat in a cave resting. Awaiting....For Chaos to reign over Earth.


Two days later......

A small pod lands in The Break Wastelands. Scar stands at the top of the crater it made. The pod opens and a tall, pretty fit looking man walks out. He had black hair and red tattoo lines on his face. he floats up in the air and lands next to Scar.
Chaos: So this is Earth?
Scar: No Sir....
Chaos looked at Scar kinda confused
Scar: This is YOUR new World
A evil grin slowly creeps on Chaos face.
Chaos: Very True Scar, Very True.

In South City at Zeek's Mother's Home......

Zeek looks at everyone.
Zeek: Alright Guys let's-
He was cut off as Ringo flys down landing next to the others.
Ringo: If we have any Chance of winning you'll need my help.
Zeek: *smiles* Nice of ya to join us
Ringo: Let's get one thing straight. Im not to here to join your little band of commoners. I am Royalty and as Prince I feel it is my duty to fight for my kingdom.
Milo: yea what ever Big shot...
Zeek: Lets Go.
They all power up as they fly off for the Battle for Earth.

Narrator: Its seems our Heroes have gotten a lot stronger but how much can one grow in two days? Now that Chaos his landed what is his nice move? And just how powerful is he? All these question will be answered and more on the next exciting episode of Dragonball Z Legends Act 5: Chaos Vs The Z-Warrior, The Battle For Earth!

OCC: I just deleted the posted that said they could hear Ringo and Zeek and tweaked them a bit. I really want finish this Final Act by Sunday to the latest . So we can start the Tournament which I decide to make the Next Saga/Arch Event. Um I dont have anything else to mind to say. But I will post in the ~~~ Updates, Events, & Announcements~~~ thread later today so keep ur eyes posted on it.
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