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Posted 11/25/11 , edited 11/25/11
Hello everyone. this is my first topic in a looong time.

ANYWAYS, people are RAVING about FF type 0. it looks nice too! *but god, the ending ;_____;* it looks really cool! but it's in Japanese. should i throw the language barrier into the wind and play it nonetheless? please give me your honest opinions/2 cents/ drunken words.
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Posted 11/27/11 , edited 11/28/11
I've imported plenty of Japanese DS games with limited knowledge of Japanese and still enjoyed them... of course I made sure they had little or no story, though(i.e. Ouendan 2).

FF Type-0 does look pretty epic(looks like Versus gameplay a bit :D), but unless you couldn't care less about the story(Famitsu gave the game 39/40 NEAR PERFECT, looks like it could have an epic story), you could give it a try...

I'd wait for a NA release though(I hope there's gonna be one), because I like to enjoy FF games for their story too... ._.
Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/29/11
I love the game, even though it's only a demo I'm playing. lol Still waiting a bit longer to see if it actually gets localized, before I waste a crap load on importing.

I DL the demo from the Japanese PSN, I still played even if I had limited knowledge of the language or reading it. Freakin obsessed with the game. I myself was curious about what was the hype about it, glad I went to snoop and spoil myself with it. Almost all the characters, main, are very likable. Mainly Class Zero, and the seiyuu cast superb. Love every bit of this game.
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Posted 12/13/11 , edited 12/14/11
I'm obsessed with this game, I'm having sleepless nights just by playing it .. I love every character esp Sice and Jack *u* <333
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