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Posted 11/25/11 , edited 11/25/11
This is my story, or part of it....... hope you like and post!
"Why did you have to land us here, pork bun?!!?"
As far as Kurogane could see, white spanned the horizon, a mix of pure white snow and glistening ice. But that wasn't what he was yelling about. No, he was yelling because they (meaning him, Mokona, and Syoran) were surrounded by twelve armed men, each carrying large black katanas.
"And where is that idiotic mage and the princess land ?"
He yelled, completely locked in battle with a freakishly tall thug.
"Mokona could you please try to locate..."
Syoran was cut off by a scream, one that could only belong to one person. And Kurogane's heart practically stopped when he heard it. It wasn't the scream itself though, but the one word it spoke.
K I know it 's bad but please comment, or type your own! Hope you all have fun
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