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Posted 11/25/11 , edited 11/17/12

So rules.

- Currently the allowance of character: One.

- No god modding, auto killing, invincibility, or immortality. Refer to this if you cannot figure out what it is.

- Make a character before role playing, or else there's no point to making a character.

- Be active, characters will be deleted without notice if inactive for 30 days without warning.

- Be serious in role play, please write more then 1 line of text. It's easier to reply to, and it makes role play more fun.

- Be nice, no one likes an unfair and mean person.

- Third person please, I mean, write it as a story. If you're going to write in first person, I expect something amazing. [coughcoughgetpermissionfrommecoughcough]

- Try not to make grammar or spelling mistakes, I understand that it happens occasionally, but if you do it on purpose, I will not tolerate it.

- Quote a person when roleplaying, that way they will know you responded. While quoting, erase all of the quote and just post your character's roleplay. Yes, the person will still be quoted.

- Please pm your character form to pink_heart_13.
Title your application [ subject ]: Cookies&Creame.
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