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Posted 11/26/11 , edited 11/27/11
I know there is another thread on her songs/videos but they don't work anymore as they've been licensed so I've thought about posting her video links here. The links are from Donbo*-sensei's channel so they should be official ones and I think its Tama-tan singing in the mv's. Hope you like~~

たまタン - USB うさみみ すぅい〜と ばに〜がぁる [USB Sweet Bunny Girl]
2. たまタン - きらきらびより [Sparkling sparkling biyori??]
3. たまタン - 女子高生Ver.☆うさみみスウィートハート [School girl ver. rabbit-ears sweetheart]
4. たまタン - どきどき!たまタン [Doki!Doki! Tama-tan]
5. たまタン - ハッピー!スマイル☆たまタン [Happy Smile☆Tama-tan]
6. たまタン - うさみみショートケーキ [Rabbit-ears shortcake]
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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/6/11
I have 5 of 6 songs of Tama-tan albums.

(C73) (同人音楽) [2-dimension]うさみみショートケーキ
(C74) (同人音楽) [2-dimension] USB!!! -うさみみ すぅい~と ばに~がぁる- (mp3)
(C76) (同人音楽) [2-dimension] ハッピー!スマイル☆たまタン(wav+jpg)
[MP3] [090717] どきどき!たまタン 特装版限定オリジナルCD (一般コミック 「どきどき!たまタン」 第01巻 特装版付録CD) (lameCBR 192k+rr3%)
[WAV] [091204] どきどき!たまタン_限定オリジナルCD (コミックス 第02巻 特装版付録)

missing LAST ONE Album is C75 released 'どきどき!たまタン×はろぅわーるど☆'.

anyone help me to get this one?
if i giving this album, i will upload all of albums

i'm don't mind any fileupload sites.

PM please
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