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Posted 11/27/11 , edited 11/27/11
Post themed stories for Going Mad here~

There are NO language/length restrictions!

Part of being sane means going a little mad.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat. "We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be,” said the Cat. "or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Now about the infamous contest!

To enter you simply write a story on the current theme, Going MAD, and post it in the correct forum. Also put your choice of the next theme for the group at the bottom of your story.

The winner
will be chosen based on the story that conveys the theme the most! The winner will be responsible for choosing the next theme! ^_^

Happy writing!
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Posted 12/10/11 , edited 12/10/11

Are you the type who hides under the covers
from there fears at night ? If you are dont
read this . Change the fourm post . I dont
want it to happon again. The screams , the
blood and all the sin you could inmagion .

dont say i did'nt warn you . Now lets start
from the beginning .

Chapter 1 :
The moonlight shone through the dusty skys.
A silver haired girl walked down the drive way of a mansion
with a garden filled with white roses, holding onto a suitcase
Laten's lit the way reveled her way .

The door creaked open.As the girl flicked the switch the manion
filled with light .Her outfit consit's of a black knee lengh dress with frills at the hem.
checking her pocket watch from inside her white apron she picked up the
the letter and suitcase.Creaking open a large door a voice echoed
. . .
" Meroko "
. . .
Chapter 2 :

As the lights flicked on the silver cat with blood red hints
was infront of Meroko with blood dripping down from its paws.
Tears formed in the cornor of Meroko's golden eyes.
" Cheshire ! " she smiled , " Im sorry im late " Meroko apologised.
" Dont worry" sighed the cat looking up at the sparkling full moon

The cat jumped onto the window seel looking down at the peaceful
white rose garden. " You'll mother go mad if she finds out about the roses"
laughed the cat showing a smile to ear to ear .

" She wont find out , as long as we have this " smiled Meroko holding
up the pocketwatch . " is it all there?" questioned the cat jumping of the
window seel staring straight into golden eyes.

" Every last soul " grinned Meroko opening her suitcase as she did so the red rose
incrusted on the top smiled in the moonlight.

Chapter 3 :
Three days ago . . .

Two cheerful girls laughed as they walked into a allyway. " This girl seroiously thinks
she can contact the dead , letc allow her to contact them" giggled one girl getting out a
pocket kniff . Before she could slash them rose thorns tied around her thrists. The same
thing happoned to her friend . Turung around the scent of Tea and roses filled the air .
A shaddow holding a scythe stood behind them. " Are you mad ?" instructed one girl
trying to brake out the thorns causing dripps of blood to drop infront there victum dressed
all in white. staining there top , waistcoat and skirt . " Me Mad? All the best people are .
Even me who make sthe red queen look like a saint" answered the shaddow .
" She's totaly mad " screemed the other girl as the scythe swinged . " You can rest for three
days then were going home" the shaddow annoced holding out a pocketwatch .

Now . . .
Inside the suitcase layed a blood stained scythe. The cat grabbed the pocketwatch with his mouth .
" Lets go Cheshire" mumbled Meroko pressing the crescent moon on the pocketwatch . A puff of
smoke appeared as a girl with long blonde hair white clothes and white bunny ears appeared.
opening the window blew open as Meroko steped onto the window seel with the cat on her shoulder
the suitcase in her hand and a white rabbit perched on her head .

Taking the step forward in three seconds her feat gracefully touched the gound. She step forwrds untill
she reached inside the rose garden. Laying in the middle of pure red roses was a gaint rabbit hole .

Chapter 4 :
A large catle surrounded in blood red rose's decoratied with hearts . A long table filled with with tea cups and plates filled
with cokies , cakes and other treats. A lady with a red crown with red hiar wearing a red dress trimmed in white mesh , was
eating a jam of tarts , " My darling daughter welcome home" she informed as the white rabbit jumped next to her transforming
into the blonde haired girl . " Wonderland is ready for there princess" the white rabbit girl giggled taking a sip of tea as she
sat down next to her brother the march haare.Who beers a white blouse and red waistcoat and short blonde hair decorated
with a pair of white haare ears .

A boy turned around his sky blue eyes glittering . A black top hat with a single red ribboin tied around
it was placed ontop of his blackhair . " Hatter!" Meroko beemed .

"Your late " smiled the hatter kissing Meroko on the check .

. . . The End . . .
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Posted 12/21/11 , edited 12/22/11
"Mommy what's wrong?" She was rocking back and forth over my sister. My older sister, the one with a fever. "Mommy?" I asked again becoming concerned for her well being. No response. Should I expect one? She's probably in despair, because around here, fever means death.
It's remarkable how long my sister has been alive. Such willpower and beauty. She can't die. Not now, not ever.
"She's dead." My mommy whispered. What? How can this be? I stumbled to the ground as my knees buckled. Dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. My sister has past on? I sent a prayer up for her. Seconds later, from the floor where I sat, I opened my eyes. I opened them to see my mommy staring me in the face.
"Are you praying for her?" she asked me kinda harshly. I combed back my ear-length brown hair.
"Of course," I replied "why aren't you?"
"Because she isn't dead!!" She said pointing to the bed where a corpse lay. I looked back to my mommy. She frowned at me.
"Do you not believe your own mother? Do you think I speak lies?" Her face was inches from mine. I glanced back to the bed. That was definitely a corpse. Peering into my mommy's eyes I saw something. This isn't despair, nor is is it depression or even sadness. It's way past any of those things. This was insanity! My very mommy...
That was the sound I hurt next. Then pain flooded my face. She slapped me! My own mummy...
"YOU ARE LIEING!" I'm not saying that but it's my voice. My body gets up but it's not me. My real self was drifting asleep. The pain is gone. I am free.

hours later

"Is that the boy?" The head police man asked his newest recruit.
"Yes sir and a feisty one he was till we shot him with a horse tranquilizer." The rookie smiled as it was his idea to begin with.
"Good job. So he was charged with the murder of his own mother huh?" The head asked looking at the stack of papers in his hands. "Anything left?"
"He first beat her with a chair then started eating her, that's when we arrived." The rookie sighed, for he had already repeated this twenty times and still counting.
"Well, at least there's something to burn. Get him to the block. I think the citizens will enjoy another beheading."
And they both laughed.

The End

My choice (if I get picked) will have to be... Addiction
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