[2012~KDrama] K-Pop Survival
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Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/28/11

SM Entertainment and Channel A to produce new idol drama, “K-Pop Survival”

It was recently reported that SM Entertainment will be working with Channel A (of the upcoming “Joint Organization Channel”) to produce a brand new idol drama called ‘K-Pop Survival‘.

‘K-Pop Survival’ will unravel a story about the progress of a normal student who, in the hopes of becoming an idol star, auditions for and ultimately wins a tough survival singing contest. They eventually go on to make their official debut both nationally and internationally as a new K-Pop star.

During an official press conference, representatives of Channel A stated, “We are no longer in a generation where a drama is judged purely by its ratings. We need to start making dramas that will succeed even when it gets exported overseas.”

They continued, “We’re currently in talks with SM Entertainment to produce ‘K-Pop Survival’.”

The drama is set to take the Wednesday-Thursday slot after the completion of “Color of Women“, which is set to air in December


wonder what kind of drama they will produce....really drama or documentary drama...or something like dream high....hehe
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