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Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/28/11

Nice to meet you! I’m Takeuchi Akari!!

Hello everyone

Starting today, we’re allowed to blog on Ameblo-san (^o^)/

And so, first, I’ll introduce myself (^O^)

My name is
Takeuchi Akari!!

My nickname is

I was born in 1997 on November 23 and right now I’m “13-years old”!!

My hometown is “Saitama-prefecture”!!

My hobbies are, running, playing outside (tag, etc), watching lots of TV, listening to CDs a lot, watching movies, and reading comic books!!!

My talents are, penmanship and sports!!

Baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, swimming, dodgeball, skiing, track and field – I really love all kinds of sports

To describe my personality in 1 word, it is “competitive!” isn’t it*

The words I like are “decide and take action” and “Cry after you’ve won”!!*

The reason why I like those words are, first “Decide and take action” is something my older brother first wrote and I thought they were amazinngggly good words and so I love them (*^o^*)

“Cry after you’ve won” is something my friend said in school, and i thought these were also ammazzzinngglly good words and so they are my 2nd set of favorite words

The thought of, “with only these, I won’t lose to anyone huh~” is the number of tv shows I’m watching and the feeling that I’ll work twice as hard.*

Do you think you know me pretty well after this?

Right now my #1 main goal is to be a proper regular member but, I’m going to do my best and aim to be the #1 even among the sub-members, and ultimately #1 among all S/mileage o(`▽´)o

Please be kind and support this little old me (`∇´ゞ
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