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Posted 11/29/11 , edited 11/29/11
I came up with a new sexual fetish phenomenon, called animuphillia, which is the specific attraction towards anime characters (not cartoons in general). Let’s say hypothetically I met a guy with such a fetish and he sees no harm in it as he understands the difference between fiction and reality, nor does it bother him mentally or physically. I investigate further to find that he is employed, goes to college, and has a normal social life with friends and family.(parents and siblings etc..). And even volunteers his time to social causes and charity. For those of you still not convinced, he is reasonable attractive and has been asked out by reasonable attractive women yet has refused each of them, partly due to his interests but mostly because he does not want to get weighted down with a family.

NOW with all that said would you still consider this person or someone with similar personality and character (if you knew about the animuphillia) a freak, an outsider, or dirty. Why?

From what I’ve gathered most who claim to have this attraction on the internet are unabashedly vocal and even outright smutty in this type of thinking but I've come across a few who are reserved and kind, and who may actually have the qualities mentioned above not letting others in on their secret unless cornered with a sever question as to their sexuality.

I GUESS MY OVERALL QUESTION IS THIS: If sincerely found out about someone having this fetish, could you look at them the same way again. Will you criticize them or even worse berate them for what they are. Will you still consider them flawed, perverted, or damaged or associating them with the rest of the crazies, if you know they were never really like that? Is it your religion, morals, or your plain disbelief that would make you antagonize them or displace them as socially ill?
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