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Posted 11/29/11 , edited 12/8/11
Ok all making little check list, of thing that have been done and things that are going to be done. As of right now though im the only one that will be doing things until i can find people who want to take some loads on, so the progress may go slow until i find some people.

Things that have been done
-Purged all Nuked members. Over 200 hundred, stopped counting
-recruited moderators so far Drag529, racewinner1992 and DarkAngel2012 (will be looking for me to reduce work load and speed up the recreation of the group)
-purged the forums, onto creating some new topics (thanks to Racewinner1992)
-the artwork has begun to be organized (Thanks to DarkAngel2012, and Racewinner1992)
-some life has returned, but more is required to say the group has been revived.

Things to be done
-Getting some moderates (ie Forum Mod, Artwork Mod, Competition Mod, etc etc). Reason that there are going to be so many mods is quite simple, i want it to be a large group and cutting the jobs down and handing little bit here and there will reduce the work load.

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