Post Reply something sad for momo!
Posted 11/30/11 , edited 11/30/11
So recently i orderd a miku accsrosory (miku neko style) and to celebrate, i wanted to listen to the nyan cat song that was made with vocaloid utau, sadly every one said miku was the singer of the original song for the song for the app/video but i knew it wasent was poor momo! i was really sad cause momo never gets attention and miku was meant to make she just dident! so please post nice stuff for our dear utau, momo! also that her best mmd model by nanami has stopped distrubution cause nanami stop[ped giving away models lucky for those who have her

~miku chan (mod)

video link: (remember to read description to see the proof!)
Posted 12/27/11 , edited 12/27/11
aw that is sad
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