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Posted 11/30/11 , edited 11/30/11
Ciel: Anyways, since we are on the whole Medusa thing, I have a random thought. You know the whole myth about when you look into Medusa's eyes you turn to stone, but what if you were blind? You can't see so will it work? I mean, you can't see her or look into her eyes cause you have no sight. So does it not work or will you turn to stone no matter what? If you think about it, the Greeks never mentioned blind people so there is no idea on it. You have to take one look in her eyes to turn to stone. If you're blind, you can't look into them. You can be staring right at her, she would be trying to turn you to stone and you would be like "SHARON! Whats going on o.O" On the other hand, if it does work no matter if you are blind or not, you are screwed. So my question is for you. If you are blind, does Medusa's curse still work on you?
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