Posted 11/30/11 , edited 12/1/11
Questions & Answers

What do we offers in this group?
Avatars, Banners, Icons, Profiles, Animation, Signatures, Contest, Resources, and more...

Why is Rules so important to the group?
So everyone can respect others then being such a snob, but no offense if your so jealous about our group. Creator or Co-Creator will banned you from the group.

How do you get banned?
If you do something horrible like stealing someones graphics that doesnt belongs to u. But being jealous. Is horrible for your habit.

How will this group be popular, just like AMJC?
Uh that idk. I just want to have fun. We are not racing graphics groups. If someone talk crap about creators behind our back. OH WE ARE SO GONNA RACE THEM! *cough* how to be popular, hmmm i never thought about it. I never wanted my groups to be failing but i do want any members who wanted to be graphic mods (Active or unactive that doesnt matter to us)

What if your members or moderators leave the group with no reason?
If the group isnt getting any active we will have to closed the group for the 2 or 3 years. If they want to come back then we will opened the group again. And change some themes, mods apps, games are still the same, resources are still the same, contests will be changing every month.

What programs are you accepting?
Gimp and Photoshop

Are you looking for experts or advance?
Both actually.

What is the Group Code?
Ask me if you want to know.

Is there gonna be a website for this group?
Well duh

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