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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
When all of Venice was in bed and sleeping, several unidentified men came together to enter a building along the canal. They took complete caution when entering it by going in at timed intervals, so as to avoid suspicion if anyone was watching. Many other men before them that day had also done the same. All of their steps and moves carefully planned out and reviewed. It was done before, many times throughout the year, but this time it was different. They were hoping that this would be this last they would ever meet in such circumstances. It was nerve wrecking and hard work for these men, for most of them were old.
When the men were all finally seated in the dark and sound proofed room, they all bowed their heads and waited for their master to speak; the person who was behind it all, and the person who had called them.
“Did you men arrive safely?” A woman’s voice spoke from behind the screen at the end of the room. It was full of authority and was spoken calmly, as if they were all there for tea, instead of treason.
“Yes ma’am.” The men replied in unison. There was much fear in their voices, as there was every time they met, for if they were to ever be caught, it would be the end of their lives.
“Good. Now…are the preparations ready?”
“All my men are ready for the New Year; we have made sure that they keep shut as you have said.” The man’s face who spoken was concealed by his long brimmed hat, but it could clearly be seen that he was rich and young, “All we need now are the Reds, ma’am.”
“Ha…so 600,000 was enough, as expected of paupers.” The woman suddenly stopped laughing, “Bring them out.”
A servant appeared from behind the screen and produced a wooden box. It was not all too big, and apparently pretty heavy.
“Open it.” Said the woman. The servant opened the top with some struggle, and plopped all of its contents onto the table.
“Will this be enough?”
“Plenty, ma’am.” The man replied.
“Make it flawless my men. Oh, and one more thing…it was suicide.”
The next day the palace was in a _(hurry to prepare??)_ for the New Year celebrations. Decorations were being put up, food was being made, and all was abuzz. The prince was in a great mood and decided to oversee all the preparations. It was always delightful to have some chaos in the stiff atmosphere of the palace.
As he was watching, he noticed that one of the men who were bringing in the supplies was having great trouble. Because the prince was a compassionate one, he ran over to help him, taking the wooden box onto his own shoulder. The startled old man gasped and begged the Prince for forgiveness.
The prince then laughed, “What have you done wrong my man besides toil for the King? Rest, I will do it for you.”
The man tried to resist, but was then silenced by the prince. Everyone stopped to watch their prince work among them, and was shocked that he would help a poor man.
In response to them, the prince laughed and said, “So what is in this box that is ailing that poor man?”
The overseer, who was to look after the items that were to be brought into the palace, spoke up. “They are fireworks, your highness. Called “Reds”, they’re new and bigger and brighter, for the festival tonight sire.”
“Ah, new fireworks you say?” The prince smiled, “Well, I can’t wait to see them.”
Right then, a servant came running toward the prince.
“It is almost time, your highness must prepare for tonight.”
The prince nodded, “Let us go then.”
When the sun finally went down, all the people of Venice were celebrating and all gathered to watch the entertainers hired by the king. There was much food, and lots of drinks. Everyone was full and satisfied, and so the king was happy.
Finally when the dances were over, it was time for the fireworks. It all happened very fast. After several huge fireworks, all attention was diverted to the sky. Then suddenly one went straight for the king. One of the servants screamed as more fireworks came toward the place where the king was sitting. The people finally realized that their king was attacked and all ran for it. Screaming and havoc was everywhere. Tables were overturned and glasses were smashed. Everyone was trying to get out and run.
Finally, the king was taken to the Royal hospital in critical condition and the courtyards were abandoned.
“What happened?” demanded the prince.
“All the investigators think the same, this was no accident. Forgive me for saying this, your highness, but this was all done on purpose.”
The prince clenched his fists, “Find the man who did this!”
The investigator shook his head, “We have sire…but…he is dead. Suicide…” Suddenly he dropped to his knees, “Please forgive me! I deserve to die!”
The Prince shook his head, “None of that! Now get up and tell me, have you found anything?”
The investigator rose and fumbled with his pockets, “We have found this on his body, and we are currently searching his home.”
As he said that, a man on a horse came running toward the two and produced a letter. The man handed it to the investigator. He investigator collapsed and the prince took the note. It was…TO BE CONTINUED….
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
2nd story...

My name is Matt and I am 13 years old. The day Pa left home was a big surprise for me. I was so preoccupied by all the chores; I had forgotten he had to leave. But finally Pa had gone to get the rest of the family in the South. I felt scared that I was alone; I went outside to see the cabin once more and also to get some fresh air.
It was a mighty fine cabin and I helped build every single inch of it. I helped cut the spruce trees and haul the logs to square and notch them. I had helped to make the roof, the doors, the fireplace, the windows, and I helped plant the corn and pumpkin seeds. The green blades and vines were starting to pop up from the ground. Now, I suddenly had an urge to go hunting. I took my gun from the shelf it was on. It always looked old, even when I cleaned and polished it, but its aim was true; it almost never missed.
When I stepped into the forest I heard a robin sing its warning to the other animals that I was there. So I had to wait a while before I saw a rabbit twitching its ears behind a bush. I took aim and shot the gun. I thought I hit it, but I guess this is one of the few times that I missed. Now, I visited the pond a lot. Pa and I called it “Raven Pond” since there were a lot of raven nests there. I didn’t go over there for the scenery or to fish, but there was a beehive on a tree and I wanted some honey. I longed for something sweet. I figured that it wouldn’t matter if I got stung as long as I got to take a cup or two. So I started climbing the tree, it was an easy climb. The branches were spread out almost as neatly as steps of a ladder. I was just about to reach into the hive, and that’s when I heard a crack of a twig and a flash of someone’s eyes. I stood still for awhile, but shook it off and returned my attention to the beehive. Just by peering into the hive, I could see the honey, golden colored and ready to be stolen.
I used my left hand to hold onto a branch, and I used my right to hold the cup I had brought with me. The bees didn’t seem to care; they just lazily zoomed in and out. I was extending my hand to scoop some honey when the branch I was holding onto snapped. I let go of the cup and grabbed the branch the beehive was hanging on. The furious bees came out of their hives and started to come after me. I jumped down from the tree and felt one sting than another and another. The bees were stinging left and right, even on my face!
“Water!” I thought. Knowing bees hate water, I raced to the pond as fast as I could. The icy cold water did not soothe the stings, but made it worse.
I tried to cry out but all that came out was bubbles. I raced up to the surface, saw the bees, and went back down. One of my boots was trapped by some plant. I tried to shake it off, but my boot fell out instead. That’s when I swam up to the surface once more. This time the bees were gone and I walked to the shore, tired, hungry, and full of pain. And that’s when I blacked out.
When I woke up I was in my cabin on my bed. I saw a pair of dark eyes staring at me and I tried to get up, but it hurt so much and I blacked out again.
I woke up once again and I groaned. I was hungry, so I stood up to get some food. That’s when I realized that I was not in pain. Right then; an Indian man and boy came into my cabin. I froze and panicked. Thinking they were trying to rob the cabin, I tried to grab the rifle but could not find it anywhere. I realized I had brought it to the lake and left it there. Then to my complete surprise the Indian man started to speak “You were foolish to climb the bee tree,” he said. “The bee stings are full of poison, but there is no more poison in your body.” I suddenly felt ashamed. It was he who had rescued me and took me back to the cabin. He dropped a tube on the table and I knew it was some kind of medicine.
“Thank you” I said. He just nodded his head and gave instructions how to use the medicine.
“My name is Kwahu. Do you want to go fishing?” he asked shyly.
“Sure!” I replied ready to show off my fishing skills. We walked at what seemed no trail until we came to a stop next to a stream I’ve never seen before. He took a fishing spear and I took out my rod. I looked for some juicy worms to put on my hook and found two under a pile of leaves. I looked at Kwahu and he had already caught 3 big fish.
I admit that I was jealous and I tried really hard to catch a fish. A fish pulled on my line and I pulled it up with ease, but it turned out to be a small fish, barely 2 pounds. I was a bit mad but Kwahu had already taken the fish from me and made a fire to cook the fish. Today was the day I had the most fun and I was glad I had a new friend.
I was envious of Kwahu’s bow and decided I must make my own to. I used my knife to cut out a thick branch from an oak tree. I shaved the excess bark until the bow was in a curved shape. Then I got a bit of string to make finish the bow. I used slender branches to make the arrow and sharpened the points to finish the arrows.
Overall: It took about 3 hours to make and it didn’t even work and was bad craftsmanship. When Kwahu came to my cabin and saw the bow he led me outside to tell me why it didn’t work.
“The wood is too old and the string is not tight enough,” he said. “If you want better wood try getting a thicker piece of wood and shave the excess wood very carefully.” He directed. I followed his directions and soon I had my very own bow and I learned how to hunt with it.
Today my gunpowder ran out. The good thing was that I had plenty of meat left. And Kwahu told me about certain plants that are poisonous, plants that flavor food, and plants that make stews more nourishing. Thanks to Kwahu I learned many new facts everyday.
Usually Kwahu and I only talked when we wanted to go somewhere but never really had a conversation. Today Kwahu didn’t come and I started taking the weeds out of the corn field and pumpkin field, watered the plants, chased away crows, and pick the ripe corn. The whole day was full of back-breaking labor. Watering the plants was especially hard since I had to go to the Pond and fill up buckets, bring them back to water the plants, and do it again and again and again. When the day was finally over I wearily ate my dinner and went to bed. I missed Pa more than ever.
4 months have passed since Pa left and now and it’s October. When I looked at my reflection in the water I thought I was an Indian myself. Most of the vegetables were picked now and I found a small lake. I decided to take a bath there and I jumped into the lake. Immediately I started shivering like someone having a seizure. So I quickly washed myself and ran back to the cabin, freezing. I think next time I’ll let Kwahu try.
Today’s a very sad day. Today is the day I found out Kwahu and the rest of his tribe is moving. There are so many people who are starting to move here and now the Hawk tribe decided to live somewhere else. I was sad, but it was the best thing for their tribe to do. Over the next few weeks I followed my daily routine. I looked for Pa out the window, I cooked a lot of food, I made sure there was enough firewood, and I cut more firewood.
One day I heard a whine and a scratch on the door. I opened the door and there was a little puppy. It was definitely a boy beagle. I took the puppy and gave it some food and decided to keep it.
The snow is falling now. It’s almost Christmas and Pa isn’t here yet. I play with my new little friend for a while and I look out the window and see s fuzzy shape in the distance. It looked like people.
“Pa? Ma?” I shouted.
“Matt! Matt! We’re finally here!” I knew it was my Parents and I ran toward them, my little puppy following me, trying to bite the heel of my shoe. I was crying now, not with sadness but with joy.
“What took you so long, Pa?” I cried out. “I waited so long!”
“I’m sorry, Matt.” Pa replied. “It was the fever; it took all of us, especially Abby, your sister.”
“Where is she?”
“She’s right here!” Pa replied. Abby then jumped out behind Ma, and I started to laugh. She looked at my puppy and said:
“Ooh, did you name it? She asked. I grinned at her.
“Now I did.” I said. “And his name is Kwahu, to remind me of a friend.”
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
First story is called the Princes' Revenge
Second is called Alone in the Woods
Third is called Carlswood City
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
George woke up. He had an inspiration to write a book. He hopped out of bed, still in his pajamas. He booted up his computer and started Microsoft word. He then started the book.
He wrote about a new city in Colorado. It was called Carlswood City, larger than New York and was famous for its big skyscrapers and condos. It was, unexpectedly, very cheap to buy a house there. But, Carlswood City was even more famous for its sports teams. There football team, the wolves, were undefeated and had traded in players from the Chicago Bulls, and New England patriots. Their basketball team, the jumpers, usually went around having major points such as 103 to 46. And their baseball teams, the strikers had won the World Series already 7 times.
But, something was happening in Carlswood. A secret science base had been made, training men into elite warriors. The warriors were called ELITES. Secret, trained, and professional, these killers fought the terror that started attacking the earth. They fought the ARKS. These aliens started attacking…
That’s when George saved and turned the computer off. He was hungry, and after a quick breakfast of French toast and eggs he took the daily newspaper. When he saw it he was shocked. It said the Carlswood wolves had beat the Miami Dolphins and that ELITES had gone to fight ARKS in outer space. Henry pinched himself, took a shower, and even considered therapy until he finally let himself go along with the fact that he was insane.
He went to the computer and deleted the document. Then he went to the newspaper to look at it one more time. There was nothing there about ELITES, or Carlswood. It was about mountaineering accidents and car crashes. George sighed and the only thing he let his mind go along with; as that he needed glasses.
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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
Interesting stories~

Hm.. If you keep your first sentence at the very beginning of the story really short, it would capture more interest.

Do a little bit more research, if you add facts into the story, it would seem more real. Like names of those poisonous bees (or make your own "tribal" dialect). And I'm not quite sure if you would find a beagle in the woods, especially a pup..

I'm not quite sure about the third story..
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