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►The Invasion Saga◄ ACT 5 - Chaos Vs The Z-Warriors, The Battle For Earth!
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*Getting back handed by Chaos sent him 30ft away. Yaen struggled to keep concious as his vision started to get blurry.*
*Blood dripped from his head. When his vision refocused, Yaen saw Chaos in his Ancient form.*
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Milo appeared behind SS chaos "hey don't be writing me off just yet!" He threw the hardest punch he could toward the back of chaos head
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William had fly out of the disaster of the battle for awhile. For him, he needed to scout out who the saiyans were, good or evil, for his future battle with them. When all have been acknowledge so far, it was time to step in. With a lock-on aim upon Ancient Form Chaos, William transform one of his forearms into anti-air like gun torrent.

William Umi AKA Android 1170

Infinite Needle Barrage.

In a semi-auto rate, William fires 20,000 carbonite bullets towards Ancient Form Chaos.
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Boten optimizes his ki to its full potent!


Then, upon reaching 55,000 ki points, Boten quickly hovers in the 25,000' in the air and performs 1,000 clones.

He's strong but I'm not about to give up! Kamehameha!!!!!

Each of Botens performed the One-handed Kamehameha towards the Ancient Form Chaos.

Look out for Boten!!!

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Cross remained on the ground, motionless. The question right now was this. Is he even still alive?
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Chaos catches Milo's hand with the back of his head, shattering the bones it in. Without making any other movements, he thrusts his elbow into Milo's stomach and then lets him drop to the ground.

Stupid child. Chaos says under his breath. As the incoming Kamehameha attacks come together on Chaos, a very large very bright light is emitted. when it dies down, all of Boten's clones poof away like smoke. He appears above Boten and smashes him to the ground with a devastating punch.

Suddenly Chaos catches a carbonite bullet with his left hand. Its heavy, large and heavy. Dodging the rest of the bullets, Chaos waits until the perfect moment, he throws it back at William with amazing speed and accuracy. It catches him in the chest and a large hole is made as it flies straight through him.

Ringo emerges from the pile of rubble, his Super Sayian form still active.

CHAOSSS! Ringo shouts grabbing his attention. You will not defy me any longer! As prince I will end you personally!

Ringo puts his hands together, like he is cupping a ball, and brings them to his left hip. His golden yellow Ki resonates around him like a bonfire and light begins to shoot out of his hands.


He thrusts his hands at Chaos and a giant golden wave of energy is released. Chaos puts his arms up and catches the blast, but slowly he begins to slide backwards and his cheek cracks.
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Drake pushed the boulder off of him and watched as Chaos was slowly getting pushed back Ringo could do it He thought as he fought to stay conscience
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Come on, Ringo.
*Yaen finally stands. He goes into a power-up stance.*
*A burst of crimson energy came from his body and his aura became crimson. It gradually turning blue-ish purple.*
TIMES 15!!!
*A burst of ominous dark, navy blue surrounded him. He then cupped his hands to his side.
*A bright light of dark blue energy emitted from the ball of energy.*
*He fired a beam of energy at Chaos.*
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Cross regained consciousness and crawled up to his feet. "Dark Nimbus." He calls out and lays flat on it. Cross tries to recover as much as possible as it flies off to safety.
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"Eheh...fool" Milo taunted chaos as he was blasted by Ringo "GO FOR IT KILL HIM TEN TIMES OVER! SHOW EM THAT BEING PRINCE MEANS MIRE THAN BEING A JERK!" Milo shouted as loud as he could
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OCC: How about we rap this bad boy up. I'm just post I'm not making it all colorful and stuff I know how u guys love my Colorful posts lol.

Elsewhere.....The Battle with Rin VS Scar rages on

Scar and Rin look towards the west in the direction where the Battle with Chaos was taking place. Scar started to laugh after filling Chaos's power jump monstrously. Rin's face was in shock and horror. She couldnt believe the power she was feeling.
Scar: It seem Chaos has gotten serious and transformed again. It wont be long now, until all the insects are squashed.
Rin looks back at Scar and narrows her eyes
Rin: Transformed again?!
Scar laughs again
Scar: I forgotten it has been a while since you where last on Grapte. Lord Chaos is of Ancient Blood
Rin: H-His an Ancient! It cant BE! The Ancient Bloodline was wiped out long ago.
Scar: He is the last of a Forgotten bloodline. A bloodline far greater then even the royal blood. Tho this does not matter to you. You wont even get to be honored to see it. I will end you here and NOW!
Rin huffs as Scar dashes towards her he throws a quick one two combination but Rin dodge it with ease and steps inside to deliver an crushing palm strike but she stops. "No not now.." She thinks as Scar hits her with a painful right hook to the rib cage sending her flying and tumbling on the ground. She slowly but surely is able to stand to her feet as she coughs and covers her mouth and blood was on her hand. She started to breath heavily and her vision blurred a bit as Scar was walk towards her with a grin on his face.
Scar: Whats wrong Taula? Sick? I'll make it all better for you in a moment....hahahaha
"My body its weakling....this fight has gone on too long.....I'm getting to old for this....I need to end this before he ends me."
Scar vanishes and reappears on the right side of Rin to throw a back hand at her but she ducks it with grace and then rolls forward.
"I Dont have enough energy to use The Dragon Crush...I'm have to use "that" technique..."
Scar yells as as he puts his hands together in front and charges two HUGE, green energy spheres. Then, he spreads his arms out at his side. Rin takes a deep breath as she stands there about 50ft feet away from Scar. She puts her Right hand out then makes a fist
Rin: Here we GO!
Then Scar throws his arms down to fire the two huge energy spheres in the form of a huge massive energy wave at Rin. Rin dashes towards the wave and cocks back her fist.
She yells out as a throws a punch and a giant golden dragon flys out going right thur Scar's energy wave destroying it. The Dragon Roars as the Dragon hits Scar going thur his chest
Scar: DAMN YOU!!!
He yells as the dragon swings back around to devour Scar and then it explodes vaporizing Scar. Rin breathes heavily as she takes two steps
Rin: Now I....Can,,,,Hel
She then faints from exhaustion hitting the ground hard.

Meanwhile....The Battle for Earth Continues....

He thrusts his hands at Chaos and a giant golden wave of energy is released. Chaos puts his arms up and catches the blast, but slowly he begins to slide backwards and his cheek cracks.
Yaen: Come on, Ringo.
Yaen finally stands. He goes into a power-up stance.
Yaen: Kaio-ken!
A burst of crimson energy came from his body and his aura became crimson. It gradually turning blue-ish purple.
Yaen: TIMES 15!!!
A burst of ominous dark, navy blue surrounded him. He then cupped his hands to his side.
A bright light of dark blue energy emitted from the ball of energy.
Yean: HAAAA!!!!!!!
He fired a beam of energy at Chaos. Ringo and Yaen's attacks push Chaos back. Zeek watches but he sees something off. Chaos may seems to look like he is holding the Attacks but a very faint barrier is blocking the attacks. Zeek notices Chaos's tattoos glow and his eyes where closed. Zeek then counts to himself. "1....2...3...4...5...6...7.." The Chaos's eye open and Chaos laughs as he flings both Yaen's and Ringo's attack into the air he then. Chaos stares at the two of them with a grin.
Yaen: h-He's unreal!
Chaos then changes at both Ringo and Yaen clothes lining them both and elbow drops them both into the ground.
Milo: Looks like i spoke to soon
Zeek charges at Chaos with an shoulder tackle knocking him off his balance. As Chaos stumbles backwards he looks at Zeek annoyed as he regains his balance.
Chaos: Why...Why...WHY?! I keep knocking you down but you continue to stand WHY?! TELL ME WHAT ARE YOU?!!!
The badly beaten looking Zeek stands before Ancient Form Chaos with an unforgettable face
Zeek: I am the hope of the universe......... I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace............. I am protector of the innocent........ I am the light in the darkness........... I am truth.......*Zeek powers up his Kaio-ken*....I"M.... Ally to good! Nightmare to you!!
Zeek then cupped hands are drawn to his side
Zeek: No Matter how many time you knock me down I will continue to raise for Justice.....You're going down, no matter how long it takes me! KA.....MEE....HAA....MEE.....
Chaos girts his teeth and roars at Zeek as he charge at him
Chaos: DIEEE!!!
Zeek: HAAAAA TIME 20!!
Zeek yells as he fires a Kaio-Ken time 20 Kamehameha engulfing Chaos sending him flying backwards about 10 miles. Zeek then falls to his knees as he trys to catch his breath. Ringo stands up unphased by Chaos's last attack on him. He stands on the right of Zeek.
SS Ringo: You realize that only made him madder then he already is.
Zeek grins
SS Ringo: I have obtained the greatest power in the Universe and I still can not touch him...
Yaen who was standing on the left side of Zeek helping him up speaks.
Yaen: Do worry Prince....With your Power I sure you can. I mean this guy has to have a weakness. Right?
Zeek: He does...
Ringo looks at Zeek
Ringo: Explain and make it quick
Ringo demand Zeek but Zeek simply smiles
Zeek: Its true this guy is powerful and his new form has an unlimited source of Energy but he his new form has a flaw. His body exerts alot of energy and he his to recharge for 7 seconds. I noticed it since he transformed. His tattoos glow and his eyes are always closed.
Ringo: Your not as Dumb as you seem Zeek. With this I will handle him from now on.
Zeek: Thanks....I think...But its not that simple Ringo....While he is in that recharged state an invisible it around him to protecting him. its very faint but i seen it. Thats way he didnt just catch ur and Yin's attacks and they pushed him back.
Chaos appears high in the air with a super giant yellow-orange, sun-like energy sphere over him.
Chaos: That DOES THATS IT! This Planet is HISTORY!!!

Milo: Uh Guys....whats that THING is his hand?!
Yaen: My Lord...He'll blow up Earth with that!
ZeeK: Everyone when he throws it. Launch your strongest attacks to pull it back him. I'll make sure he wont be able to recharge.
Ringo looks at Zeek
Yaen: Thats Crazy Zeek and stupid. What if your caught in the blast
Ringo: Then He'll die....Zeek is a fine Warrior he knows risk
Yaen and Milo look at Ringo
Milo: You heartless Ba
Zeek puts his hand up to quiet Milo.
Zeek: Dont worry guys I'll have enough time to to escape besides.....I've been wanting to use The Kaio-Ken x 50.
Yaen eyes widen
Yaen: What?!
Zeek grins
Zeek: Jealous
Yaen: I didnt even know it could pass 20 let alone go to 50.
Zeek: Its my max...I can withstand it for about a minute. Dont worry about me Yin. I'll be fine after this we'll go to The West Wing cafe on me
Yaen shakes his head and smiles at his friend then nods
Yaen: Deal knucklehead...
Milo: Can i come?
Zeek smiles and nods
Ringo: *With his back to them* If your little woman chat is done there is a giant energy sphere about to be thrown at us.
Milo shakes his fists at Ringo and everyone stands up as Zeek squats down then Chaos throws his attack
Yaen: Ka..
Milo: Me..
Boten: HA...
Megumi & Drake: Meee....
Yaen/Milo/Boten/Megumi/Drake: HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
Ringo: Thunder..... Cannon.... Flash!!!!!!!

They all fire an huge energy beam becoming the Thunder Cannon Kamehameha Flash! at the huge sun like sphere Chaos threw. The Thunder Cannon Kamehameha Flash manages to create a power struggle with Chaos's Supernova.
Chaos makes his Supernova attack even more bigger as it starts to push back the Thunder Cannon Kamehameha Flash.
Milo: Any Day now ZEEK!
Zeek eyes open as he launches himself into the air with the Kamehameha fired at the ground, propelling him through the air in a jet-like manner. As Zeek flys like a rocket toward Chaos's Supernova attack he vanishes and re appears on the other side.

To Chaos it seemed Zeek flew thur the attack. Zeek could see Chaos's tattoos glow then Chaos's eyes close
Zeek: Not THIS TIME! KAIO-KEN TIME.......50!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeek's crimson red aura turn even brighter as he fly towards Chaos and with a cocked back right arm Zeek launches one hell of a haymaker punch. It hits Chaos's barrier and Zeek yells as Chaos's barrier shatters and Chaos opens his eyes
Chaos: WHAT?!
Zeek's fist hits Chaos chest and goes thur it putting a big gaping hole in it and blood comes out his mouth
Chaos: Impos...sible!
The Supernova attack start to grow smaller

Zeek held his fist inn Chaos as he started to get smaller losing his Ancient form.
Zeek: You a twisted being! Full of hatred. Well, no more! You've dug your own grave....
He says as he lets go of him as Chaos falls towards his own Supernova, Zeek floats there watching Chaos fall then out of nowhere Chaos fires his Death beam attack at Zeek. Which pierces Zeek's chest where his heart is and Chaos started to laugh as Zeek eye widen and he spits up a bunch of blood and starts to fall with Chaos
Chaos: I'm not going to Hell by myself Fool....hahahahahahahaHAHAHAAHAH!!

Then the Thunder Cannon Kamehameha Flash breaks thur the supernova shattering it and the attack engulfs both Zeek and Chaos. Chaos who had used Zeek as a human shield took minimal damage from the attack. As attack clears and flys thur the sky. Everyone starts to cheer, everyone but Ringo and Yaen. Who both were looking at the clear sky. Ringo now in his normal form had his arm crossed
Yaen: I dont like this....Not one bit...He should have been back by now....
Ringo looks at the ground then back at the sky when Drake says
Drake: Looks in the sky!
Two bodies where falling down at a rapid speed towards the ground. And Yaen's heart drop when the two bodies hit the ground. The two bodies land about a mile from everyone. They all rushed towards the bodies that layed lifeless. When everyone arrived they saw a normal looking Chaos who has a big hole in the center of his chest laying on his back gasping for air with grinning. about 5 ft in front of him was Zeek's body laying face down. He had a small hole in his back over the spot , as if a bullet was shot thur his chest and came out his back and the hole was where his heart is. Yaen falls to his knees next to Zeek's lifeless body.
Yaen: Zeek....
Chaos: *Coughs up a lot of blood* Ha..haha...HAHA...He was a great...*tries to swallows* Shield,,,,haha...Even in .....Defeat...*Coughs up more blood*.......I Win--
Chaos says as he laughing Ringo stands over him with his finger pointed at his forehead. And Chaos simply grins and starts to laugh like a mad man as Ringo fires An augmented Ki blast finally ending Ringo. Cross who was on his Dark Nimbus as hovering high in the air and show everything then fly off. Then Rin who had faint regained a little of her strength and used her Instant Transmission technique to reach the others. Her eyes filled with tears as she fell to her knees crying when she sees his sons body laying there. It was a victory and a Loss.

Ringo: Keep your head up high. You just defeat possible the strongest being in the universe. Dont let Zeek's death be for nothing. I'm sure he wouldnt want you all to be sad but be happy.
Yaen gets stares at Zeek and grins
Yaen: His right that goof ball would want us to be happy...
Boten rubs his eyes and uses what was left of his sleeve to blow his nose. Drake, Megumi, and Milo stood there in respectful silence. Rin collects her she and wipes the tears from her face. She was sad and very hurt but she knew her Son wouldnt stand for her to be sad.
Rin: It looks like we need to find the dragonballs.
Ringo: Dragonballs?
Rin nods
Rin: Yes....Once we collect all 7 when can wish Zeek back to life.
Milo: But I thought they where a myth?
Yaen: I did to.
Rin: No...I ensure you they are very real. It will probably take a month but we can do.
Ringo: Lady Taul- er...Lady Rin allow me to find these Dragonballs.
Yaen: Will find them together.
Megumi: How about we not fight each other.
Everyone laughs but Ringo and Yaen who had there arms crossed and backs to each other

In The Other World....

Zeek opens his eyes and he sees a bunch of fluffy clouds and a few tall towers

He turns around and sees a line on spirits going to a very large building. Zeek gets in the line as it moves forward Zeek his his name being called by sum blue guy with horns in his head

The Guide: Zeek Kenshrio. Calling a Mr.Zeek Kenshrio
With his hands behind his head he turns and wave
Zeek: Thats Me!
The Guide nods
The Guide: Please come with me.
Zeek followed the blue man and was amazed at the horns on his head. Zeek then stands before a giant desk
Zeek: Whoa...
The Guild: King Sin, Your next appointment is here.
Zeek rubs the back of his head and hears a ringing noise. He looks up and sees a Halo over his end
Zeek: WHHHHHAT?!...Im ....DEAD?!
He says just realizing he was it.
The guild looks at Zeek
The Guild: Not very bright hu?
The an old comes from behind the desk

He was super big and he looks down on Zeek then back at a file in his hand.
King Sin: Hmmm... Your Zeek hu?...yes here you died on earth. Ya know I just sent a guy who also died on earth to hell. He was a crazy guy took 20 people to pin him down. But your file says your a pretty good kid so...
King Sin stamps Zeek's File
King Sin: Ur approved to keep your body and go to heaven. Ok Guild send in the next dead guy.
Zeek: Hu?
Nasu: How about allowing this warrior to travel to Lady Kai's Planet and train with her King Sin?
Nasu who was cloaked walks up behind Zeek and stands next to him.
Zeek: What the? Where?
King Sin Looks from his desk and sees Nasu standing next to Zeek.
King Sin: Nasu....hmm Been a while since I seen you.
Nasu: Well you know doing my guardian duties and all. But really let this man travel to Lady Kai's planet
King Sin: And Why should I? Besides the only way to get there is on Snake Way and it takes 6 months to get there.
Zeek: 6 months?!
Nasu: Quiet boy...*Looks back at King Sin* I know that but look at him. He wants to train.
Zeek: I'm not 100% sure about whats going on but I do know training and I would love to increase my abilities any chance I get. And About this snake way thing. I can do it in a month.
Guild: Impossible!
King Sin: Quiet Guild....Fine then. Whatever I dont care as long as he's out my hair...NEXT!
Nasu smiles under her veil then vanishes.
Zeek: Whoa?! When did she go???
Zeek looks around and then the guild shakes her head.
The Guild: Come with me..
Zeek follows him down a long hallway at the end Zeek sees the biggest Snake head his seen in his life.
Zeek: What the HECK!?!
The Guild: Its not a alive so calm down. Besides your dead you cant dead again. This is the start of Snake Way or Snake Road. At the end of the road is Lady Kai's Planet. Good Luck kid you'll need it.
Zeek watch him leave and Zeek jumps high into the air and lands on the Head of the snake. He sees where seems like an endless path.
Zeek: Wow....And i said I'll make it in a month...oh boy....
Zeek take a deep breath in and then lets it out as he Dashes down the road called Snake Way.

About a Month Later........

An out of Zeek who reached the end of road sees nothing.
Zeek: What the heck man....there is nothing here....
Zeek looks up and sees a very small planet

Zeek: That gotta be it.
He then jumps and floats up to the small planet. Once he was close enough the planet's Gravity pulled him in and he lands face first on the grassy planet.
Zeek: Ouch....
Zeek trys to lift himself up but couldnt
Zeek: What the Hell...It feels like the air is keep my down.
Snow: Thats called Gravity kid...And it 35 x heavier then earth's.
Zeek's eyes widen as a White small cat that sat in front of him was talking to him.
Zeek: This Otherworld place keep getting crazier and crazier.
Lady Kai: You must by Zeek....King Sin told me you would be coming here. I didnt believe him when he said in a month tho. Not bad kid.
Lady kai stood behind the small white Cat. Lady Kai then helps up Zeek.

Back on Earth....

Yaen, Ringo, Milo, Megumi, Drake, and Rin stood in the outskirts out South City.
Yaen: And that the last one. Ms. Rin. Now what.
She smiles
Rin: Stand back and watch.....Arise SHENRON!
The 7 dragonballs glow and the sky turns black and out from the dragonballs a massive Dragon comes out

Rin: That never gets old...
Everyone was in shock and awe. The dragon Shenron looked down upon the ones who summoned him.
Shenron: You who have gathered the 7 dragonballs, I shall grant you any one wish you desire
Milo: That thing can TALK?!
Yaen and Megumi shss Milo.
Rin: Hi Shenron, Been a awhile hu? anyway I want to
Zeek: Dont wish me back yet!

Zeek's voice could be heard but he was not seen.
Yaen: Zeek?
Rin: My Baby?! Where are you?
Zeek: Mommy! I miss ya. Sorry I died...I broke my promise.
Rin eyes teared up as she smiles
Rin: Its ok honey...Mommy forgives you. Where are you and how come we can hear you.
Zeek: I'm on this Planet with Ms.K. I'm in Other World.well I am dead, and this old guy let me keep my body and said I could train with Ms.K
I'm talking with you guys thur her super powerful telepathy powers.
Lady Kai sighs
Lady Kai: I am Lady Kai, a deity, the ruler of the North Galaxy. I will be taking care of your Hero
Zeek: Ya here that I'm a Hero.
Rin smiles and Ringo shakes his head, Milo and Yaen laugh and Megumi covers her face.
Zeek: Anyway I just got here so please dont wish me back yet. Use the wish for all the people who died in North City. Well I gotta go and start my training on this planet thats 35 times Earth's gravity.
Ringo:* Under his breath* 35 times.....hmm
They couldnt hear Zeek anymore.
Shenron: Your Wish?
Rin: We....
Yaen: We Wish back all people who died in the North City.
Shenron's eye glow
Shenron: Your Wish has been granted......Farewell....
Shenron then glows and disappears as the dragonballs fly into the sky and then scatters across the world. We put his hand on Rin's shoulder
Yaen: I know Ms.Rin....I Know you wanted to see Zeek. but...
Rin: Its ok Yin....I can wait a year.
Milo: a year?
Rin: Yes thats how long it takes for the dragonballs to recharge so we can use them again.
Milo: ohhh...
Ringo floats in the air
Rin: Oh Ringo wont you join back at my house for tea?
Ringo: No...I have other things to do.
Ringo then flys off.
Rin: Let's go everyone.

Back on Lady Kai's Planet.....

Zeek who is excited about his training tries to jump for joy but couldnt even hop
Zeek: It there a way to lift the gravity so we can start training?
Lady Kai: No but...
Lady Kai then snaps and a wrist band appears on both of Zeek's arms, a Vest and boots all appear on Zeek. and then Zeek falls to the ground.
Lady Kai: I just put 400lbs of weights on u. Your first task is to climb the tree.
Zeek who was laying on the ground looks at the tree and then Lady Kai then back at the tree.
Zeek: o...k!
Lady Kai turn around and walks to her little house and Snow follow behind her.
Snow: You know his the first Male you trained in a long while...not to mention the first to set foot on this planet in over a 100 years. Do you really think it was necessary for you to add weights to him.
Lady Kai: I know what i'm doing. He may be and idiot but his eyes. They show a true warrior. And True Warriors need to be pushed.
Snow: yeh yeh....
Snow hops on Lady Kai's shoulder as they both watch Zeek thur the window as he crawls to the big tree in the yard.
Zeek: Here we GO!

Narrator: It seems the all is well with our heroes. After a gurgling battle with Chaos and the lost of their Friend, Zeek. The Z-Warriors carry on. In Other World Zeek starts his training with Lady Kai and it would seem Ringo has also started training to Master his new Super Saiyan powers. Will the Peace last for our heroes or is there some unknown darkness lurking in the shadows. Find out next time on Dragonball Z Legends!!!.

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