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Jack Swift
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Posted 12/3/11 , edited 12/4/11
Claimable Characters:

Jackson Downey (Jack) Swift – Wizard, Warrior – Lord_Falcon
Ellen Stephenson – Warrior (Jack's Love interest and former Red Rose Warrior) –
Leander Hastings – Wizard, Silver Dragon (Jack's Warrior teacher)–
Linda Downey – Enchanter (Jack's Aunt) –
Nicodemus Snowbeard – Wizard, Silver Bear (Jack's wizard teacher) –
Jessamine Longbranch – Wizard, White Rose (Implanted Jack's warrior stone) –
Geoffrey Wylie – Wizard, Red Rose (Hasting's ancient enemy) –
Claude D'Orsay – Wizard (Master of the Games) –
Will Childers – Anaweir (Jack's best friend) –
Harmon Fitch (goes by Fitch) – Anaweir (friend of Jack and Will) –
Joseph (Seph) McCauley – Wizard, Silver Dragon (Jack's Cousin) –
Madison Moss – Elicitor (Seph's love interest) –
Jason Haley – Wizard, Silver Dragon (lesser Wizard) –
Warren Barber – Wizard, Unaffiliated (former Alumnus of The Havens) –
Jeremiah Brooks (spirit of a Warrior from the 18th century) – Warrior – .
Alicia (Leesha) Middleton – Wizard, White Rose, Jack's former girlfriend, trader (Jason's love interest) –
Becka Swift- Anaweir (Jack's Mother and Linda's sister) -

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