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Posted 12/3/11 , edited 12/4/11
[The content in this topic is strictly fictional and should be treated as such.]
Decay is a city located on the planet "zero". Planet "Zero" was founded in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy in the year 2083. In the year 3001 the Sun began to die out. In the year 1980 the group dedicated to science known as N.A.S.A. began developing a mass scale life support vehicle known as 'Life' was put into effect. in the year 3008 this vehicle was able to house the population of earth. In the year 3008 Life was launched into space carrying with it the mass population of earth. Life headed towards the Andromeda Galaxy and it took 2.5 million years traveling in light speed. Resources were created through particle fusion in which particles from other substances would combine and rapidly reproduce. Because of this technology a true peace had flooded over all within Life. Until Life finally landed on Zero.
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