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Approaching New Year. How was your 2011?
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
I never really look forward to new year but I'm hoping 2012 will be a good one

Sum up your year and share best/worst parts of it.


Camping Trip
Download Festival
Great parties
Promotion at work
Saved a lot of money


Auntie died
I had to have an risky operation
Other little dents in my year which I wont go into detail with.
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M / Someplace
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11

Graduated valedictorian at high school
Entered college



My life is boring because nothing much happened.
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
2011,a year I won't ever forget because it's the year when I face the worst defeat/failure of my long run struggle.All my hope shattered & for a day I was kinda speechless cause of the shock.It's effect is kinda persistent,as I still can't concentrate back on my efforts.Anyhow I am still trying.I will not give up & I think this was the last & greatest blow that fate had on it's part against me.Now it's my turn to stand up again & make my fate realize that I am still strong enough to land my final blow on it.
All round the year of 2010 I had toiled hard to succeed.All my hope lied upon the year 2011,yet I failed again.
-sighs-This taught me a lot more lessons & also made me realize that we must not entirely bank upon our expectation,as things might not always occur the way we want them to.
Even now when I think of that day,my heart overwhelms with sorrow,depression blurs my vision & fear & anxiety grasps my confidence.
Above all my "Alter ego" comes to save me.
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22 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Wank. It was absolutely wank.

But I'm going to the Carribean for a fortnight to finish off the year so shove that up your fucking wet arsehole.
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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Well, pretty much this time last year was when i got into anime. so it's been a...uhh...interesting year.

developed various new interests; mostly anime related.
Got myself a new car? (new...[old] car..)
Wee pay rise?
Uhh....still alive? that's a good one. Not much else i can say really; quite a boring lad.

Put on weight having sat on my arse for a year watching anime
I'm broke now due to various anime figures and goods
My eye sights gotten worse
Watching End of Evangelion (Asuka fans will know what i mean)
Watching Clannad Afterstory ( well...this is quite...sad.... okay...really sad... don't cry....don't you dare cry I SAID DON'T CRY MAN, COME ON; PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS YOU CAN MAKE IT)

....i didn't make it

All in all, can't complain with the year; been good, been bad; life goes on
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27 / M / Texas
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Met some great people.
Got to know my uncles and other familials better.
Got more in tune towards my spiritual end.

Went to the hospital.

Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11

Getting through to Taekwondo qualifiers with flying colours
Still with my gf
Awesome time back home in Italy during summer
Got a new car


Sister getting sick and having to see her in icu, was scary.
Getting a hamstring injury which wiped off 2 months of training from my busy schedule
Getting too drunk and arguing with friend, but its all sorted now.
Tattoo removed, shit was painful.

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25 / F / London Below
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Let's see:

Graduated High School
Got a Job
Getting Natalie Dormer's autograph
Started my book
Learning to drive
Watching Silk and The Fades
My new, awesome coworkers

...Not sure. There's no truly 'bad' moments that stick out.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
I'd say the first half of 2011 was pretty shitty, but the second half was amazing. All in all, it's a year I will never forget.

Went through a rough breakup with a nasty 6 month fallout where I found out all of the terrible things done behind my back even though I didn't want to know, and a point where she came crawling asking me to take her back.
- At one point she faked having cancer, apparently so she could cheat on me. I had never been so scared for someone I loved in my life.
- Later when I had found out, I had never been so disgusted with someone.
Lost a good chunk of friends because of said breakup. Realized they were not really great friends to begin with.
For the longest while, I was happy on the outside but bottling up sadness and depression on the inside.
Best friend moved away. I don't think I ever cried more in my life than when he left.
I may or may not have developed abandonment issues.
I worked for a marriage counsellor briefly which nearly turned me off relationships altogether.
Came to the disappointing realization that 99% of women my age aren't ready for serious relationships or guys like me, even if they think they are.

Got out of a shitty relationship.
Briefly played in a band with a bunch of former co-workers from when I used to teach guitar. It was something I needed more than I realized.
Did a little bit of stand-up comedy.
Promoted to manager at Staples and made a couple of amazing friends who will probably be a part of my life until the end.
Enrolled in executive MBA/CMA program (Though this cost me $20,000).
Bought a house (Though lately I've been finding that I'm staying at mom and dad's more often than not).
- It's supposed to be wife, kids, house, but the universe decided to be kind of a dick about the whole future wife thing, so house first it is.
I was too skinny, so I worked hard and got back into shape. Even now I'm getting in better shape.
Eating healthy.
Strengthened my relationships with my small circle of close friends. I'm closer to my best friend now more than ever.
Through all of the hardships and successes I did and didn't mention, I grew up a little, both emotionally and physically.

My goals for 2012 are to keep studying hard, and to find a girl I can truly see myself spending the rest of my life with.
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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11

Going to a new school (starting in high school)
Going to Nashville to see my aunt + uncle
Doing nothing in summer
Going to Virginia and South Carolina
Finishing up middle school after 3 years of utter fuckin' hell
Cousin had a baby!
Finding out I weigh less than last year

Having to be hospitalized for trying to kill myself (TBH, I had the most shitty middle school experience. No one really liked me except my tiny group of friends, and people treated me like I was nothing. I hated middle school. So much.)
Having my younger sister bitch at me how she wanted me to hang out with her during the summer
Family problems
My best friend bought me something really expensive (a figurine or something), and I still haven't gotten it from him....
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/6/11
Felt like 1997-2010, except crappier.



Awesome break up.
Last year of school.
Totally went down the drain on grades. Love it, sucker.
Lost inspiration on drawing.
Lost inspiration in basically life.
Hope died. Awesome.
People asking me what I want to do with my boring life.
Filling applications.
Sending transcripts.
Grad tests.
Everything, basically.

What a beautiful and magnificent life. I hope it tarnishes the younger generations.

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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
2011 was pretty f'cked for me ..
I'm kinda looking forward to 2012 and how people are gonna say that the world's gonna crumble in2013..
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F / Mashiro~Treehouse
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Fun and happy ^-^
There were some downs though ... but thinking positive is better, right? ^-^
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/6/11
meh, the same
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/6/11
okay so im gonna start with the worst parts to finish with something nice

lost my grandpa
lost my aunt
most important person in my life was sent to another continent
2cd most important person was sent there too
best friend also got transferred
only cousin also left
ugly fights between my parents
ugly fights between my brothers and i
ugly fights between my mother and i
hospitalized 9 times
in bed most of the rest of the time
had no christmas (hospitalized and alone)
had no new year celebration
had no birthday celebration (same reasons)
my grades dropped from A+ to mediocre and F
all my teachers expectations and support about me going to a great college dissappeared
dreams and ambitions for the future that were basically everything to me, forced to be gone cause the effort of trying to achieve them was making me sicker
family trip: missed it (medical condition)
summer? yeah right
got anemic
got anorexic
i was considered the smart one at school now no one wants me on their team and stuff cause i dont understand a thing since i had to skip school so many times
forced to see a therapist by parents and doctors
diagnosed with depression (what a surprise)
family economic problems (ofc.. hospital is pretty expensive)
my mother got sick and its my fault
lost all contact with my brothers
boring and strict diet for the whole year
2 stupid attempts to.. yeah
the person i was starting to love left
everyone that knows me here only looks at me with pity
faint at least once per day
idk, loads of shit, this was the worst year so far

i got a cat even tho pets are forbidden here, cause my parents pity me

sorry if i seem to be an attention whore, im not.. i wasnt planning on writing this much but then i thought it would help to write it all down and get it out
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